Dance It Off!

Dance It Off!

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Salsa dancing is sweeping the world. Through its evolution in the Latin culture, this dance is taking novices and addicts alike to the dance floor, streets and events that are happening locally, nationally and internationally. And, the benefits of salsa are endless. Whether it’s your desire to lose weight, get in shape, chuck the love handles or look younger – salsa dancing offers all of these in more. And the best part? It’s a blast, a life-style and a connection that will change your life. Here are just a few benefits of the hottest dance around that will get your hot bod ready for summer and beyond:

Forever Young: Salsa attracts the young and old. On the dance floor it doesn’t matter what age you are. It matters if you love the dance and how much fun you are having. Latinos learn from their older generation. Now, children to older adults are benefiting from connecting to the Latin rhythm and increasing the heart rate, cardiovascular system and lung capacity. Forget the trend mill! Join a salsa class and have fun, too!

Strong Bones and Joints: Dance aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and keeps the joints lubricated which prevents arthritis. Don’t expect to sit back and be a spectator, salsa moves your soul and bones, too!

Calorie Blaster: Worried about putting any extra pounds around your waistline? Salsa offers an aerobic workout depending on your body weight and increased movement on the floor. An average 125lb-150lb dancer can lose up to 400 calories per hour. So, keep it hot and heat it up! The more you dance, the more you’ll see the trim bod you deserve.

Better Blood: Your blood will be boiling with that new salsa pattern you’ll be learning. However, new research has discovered that it is necessary to measure good and bad cholesterol levels. Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises our HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers our LDL (bad cholesterol). In addition to moving to the beat, salsa aids in blood sugar control.

Mental Mastery: Salsa makes you think and improves your memory. Remembering all of those steps keeps your mind alert and open. Plus, it opens your eyes to new patterns and dance partners.

Confidence Connection: Feeling confident and standing tall with good posture are important to connecting with your salsa partner. No matter your size, when you become more open and look beautiful too.

Groomed and Ready to Go: Salsa dancing keeps you close to your partner and others on the dance floor. With this in mind, it helps to promote good grooming because you always want to look your best. A little lipstick and hygiene go a long way!

The Salsa Lifestyle: Moreover, salsa is about the connection with the other people and the community. By staying in contact with others, dancing isn’t a once in a while event. It changes you. In this way, salsa dancing can keep you out dancing more than once a week, wanting more and meeting others. That is the way to stay in shape and the happiness will shine through.

On a Personal Note…
I have been blessed to teach this amazing dance for over twelve years. Throughout my journey and personal growth, I have seen students transform before my eyes on their own accord. This dance gives so much to those who want it. Plus, there is so much growth and options, it’s open for everyone to enjoy. So, try it. Don’t hesitate. It’s a wonderful way to get in shape and open you up to unexpected happiness.

Diana’s Classes can be found at
The Carnegie: Beginner
Delta 1018: Beginner

Newport on the Levee
Beginner and Beginner Two

Tropicana Sampler

Delta 1018
Beginner, Beginner 2/Shine class and Intermediate

You can also see Diana at many salsa locations around town and hot spots like Chicago, New York and beyond.