Ask Rocco: Exercises to Tone up “Down South”

Ask Rocco: Exercises to Tone up “Down South”

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Question: Rocco, I just turned 32 and after having my fourth child last year I have noticed that my vagina is really loose and both my husband and I do not enjoy sex as much as we used to. Are there any exercises that I can do to tighten my vagina? All I do now is attend a spinning classes 3-4 times a week and chase down four kids.

Answer: It’s obvious to me that you are doing no exercise whatsoever to tighten the area you are asking about. In order for any part of the body to get back in condition (or tightened, as you so eloquently put it), you would need to contract and release the muscle throughout its range of motion in specific repetition range. What has happened to you is something very similar to that of salt water taffy. Although salt water taffy is pliable (can bend and twist), once it is stretched it has a hard time coming back to its original shape, unless forced back though human hands. Please, I know what you’re thinking with the salt water taffy reference…don’t even go there.

The muscles of the vaginal canal don’t have a wide range of motion, it’s actually several centimeters. The most efficient way to “train” your vaginal muscles is by doing an exercise called “Kegals” (pronounced “kay-gills” named after Dr. Kegal). These exercises are done by concentrating on clenching and unclenching your pubococcygeal muscles, a.k.a. your PC muscles, otherwise known as your “pelvic floor." It takes some hard concentration to get it right, especially after four kids. (I don’t know if I can write this, but I’m going to anyway) I would ask your husband to help out and insert his fingers into your vagina and have you try to apply pressure or squeeze them. After several weeks of this training, the pressure should be significant and then you will know that you’re properly "tightened." Just a little side note, the side effect of performing “Kegals” in rhythmic moments are longer and more controlled orgasms. This concludes the “Dr. Ruth portion" of askROCCO.


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