Online Nutrition Information Guide

Online Nutrition Information Guide

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When Cincy Chic's assistant editor, Veronica Rolfes, went on her major overhaul diet six months ago (read all about it in her blog), one of the first things she did was take a look at the nutritional facts of her frequent fast food visits. To her surprise, even fine dining experiences were fraught with high-caloric and over-proportioned meals. But now, 20 pounds lighter, Rolfes makes a habit out of checking online nutritional facts before stepping foot in a restaurant.

Cincy Chic developed this online nutrition guide for you to keep on hand so you can keep off the unwanted pounds! Print it out, bookmark it, e-mail a link to yourself. Whatever you need to do to keep this guide around so you can shed the pounds like Veronica did, with the power of nutritional knowledge!

American Dietetic Association's Nutrition Fact Sheets

Daily Needs Calculator

Nutrient Search Tool

Krispy Kreme (for all those office breakfasts you forget about)

Dunkin' Donuts

Starbucks (for all those yummy drinks you don't factor in your daily calories)




Johnny Rockets

Don Pablos (under "menu" option, click on "download nutritional info")

Olive Garden (only a portion of their menu has online nutrition information available)

Papa John's



Gold Star Chili

Graeter's (click on each flavor to view nutritional facts)

Montgomery Inn (gives an e-mail address of someone you can contact for nutrition information)

Many other national chains have nutrition information available at