Holy Healing

Holy Healing

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Cells and organisms, viruses and bacteria, cancer and bronchitis, they are all fought with drugs and machines developed to track an illness. Most doctors would consider it unwise to not seek a form of modern medicinal treatment if you were diagnosed with an illness or disease. So, why would someone stray from tried and true Western medicine approaches?

While medicine has proven its necessity, spirituality is another form of medicine few people are prescribed. But today, more and more healthcare providers are strongly believing in the power of God and prayer when it comes to overcoming a sickness.

“I believe prayer [by the patient and for the patient through the intercession of others] is essential to healing,” says Dr. Cathy Creger Rosenbaum, a Loveland-based holistic clinical pharmacist. “This healing process starts from within, literally, from the soul and is frequently not addressed by caregivers.”

Dr. Creger Rosenbaum is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association and the founder and CEO0208GIBBERMAN.gif of Rx Integrative Solutions, Inc., a consulting practice in holistic medicine.

“I find that drugs are running our lives,”says Dr. Creger Rosenbaum. “Yet, there are unquestionable healing mysteries that can only be explained by divine intervention, not scientific facts or statistical probabilities.”

 Rx Integrative Solutions’ Web site has research information and several faith-based healing articles written by local experts, which can be viewed after registering to their site for free.



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