Mercy For Busy Moms-to-Be

Mercy For Busy Moms-to-Be

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One of the most rewarding and scary times in a woman’s life is pregnancy. Whether it’s a teenager facing a big decision at an early age or a middle-aged adult having her third child, giving birth is always nerve-racking and life-changing. At Mercy Hospital in Fairfield, they offer childbirth classes for everyone at every stage in their life.

“Here at Mercy, we believe taking care of our community includes helping people live longer, healthier lives,” according to the Mercy Hospital Web site. “With a variety of educational classes and support groups and a wealth of health resources to share, we are always working to ensure you get the care you deserve.”

Mercy Hospital offers five different classes to conform to your preferences, lifestyle or schedule:


  1. Weekend Childbirth Class: This is a one-day class that goes on for the entire day and is given to women as an option for those who cannot attend sessions during the week. This class covers everything that a regular childbirth class would cover, but it is kept to a condensed format. The session costs $70 per couple, and it is preferred that you register for the class before your sixth month.
  2. Childbirth Refresher/VBAC Class: This childbirth class is for those who have already been through childbirth before. It is a refresher course to just remind you of what is going to be happening to your body and how to cope with the birthing process. “Also, this class is for those who have had a previous Cesarean section delivery and want information on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC),” says the Getting Ready for Birth Web site. This class should be taken during your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and costs $40 per couple.
  3. Christian Childbirth: This childbirth class lasts five weeks and is for families who share Christian values and want to proceed with a Christian childbirth. This class costs $70 per couple.
  4. Personalized Childbirth Class: This is a class offered individually to customize your needs and what you want. You can arrange a personalized childbirth class by calling Mercy Hospital Fairfield. An individual childbirth class costs $40 per hour.
  5. Childbirth Series for Teens and Single Parents: Giving birth at any age is hard, especially for teenagers whose bodies are still growing and changing. Mercy Franciscan Hospital in Mt. Airy offers special classes designed to focus on the teenage mind and body as it prepares for childbirth. The class costs $25 per person.


Whether you’re a veteran, a mom on-the-go or a teenager fearing for what’s to come, Mercy Hospital offers a variety of childbirth classes to fit everyone’s needs.

If you would like more information on the childbirth classes Mercy Hospital offers call (513) 956-3729.


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