Ask Rocco: How Do I Lose These Last Five Pesky Pounds?

Ask Rocco: How Do I Lose These Last Five Pesky Pounds?

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Question: Over the last year, I have been consistently exercising and eating a healthy diet. I am 5 ft. 3in, and have gone from 175 lbs. to 135 lbs. My goal is 130 lbs. I walk on my treadmill (4.1mph) with varying inclines five days per week and jog two miles the other two days. I also have a 30 minute weight lifting routine that I do four days per week. I have cut back to 1200 calories with six small meals per day, and still can't seem to get down to my goal weight. Any advice?


Answer: This is going to be hard for you to believe, but you won't lose anymore weight unless it's muscle. You have told me that your weight is 135 and you're only taking in 1200 calories. This will never give you the fat loss you desire since your basal metabolism is about 1350 calories, which means that just to lie in bed and not move around at all, you need to be taking in a minimum of 1350 calories per day. If you add exercise into the mix, it will be significantly more.


This is what the idiotic diet doctors and restrictive diets promoters want to sell you, but your body needs to learn how to burn fuel. If it doesn't learn, then it will never burn and you're stuck being fat. The small meal thing is great, but start putting more food that is nutrient dense (more nutrients per ounce, i.e fruits and veggies) and don't worry too much about the caloric intake unless it's pure fat and sugar.


If you're taking in the proper calories, you'll be capable of working out harder and getting the results you desire. If at all possible, please contact a licensed dietician or nutritionist. They can really help you create a sensible eating program that can work for you.