Top Five Health Professionals

Top Five Health Professionals

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Laurinda Henschen, Flirts Fitness
This isn’t your average gym where you spend hours transitioning from equipment to equipment and sweating until near exhaustion kicks in. This gym is more like a women’s club as Laurinda Henschen, owner of Flirts Fitness says.

“There is no equipment. It’s a place to bond and have fun,” Henschen says. “I think of it more as a women’s club with a dance studio and fitness.”

Flirts Fitness offers classes including hip hop, ballroom and even pole dancing. The gym also comes with a boutique and massage center, just enough to satisfy any woman.

Henschen also hosts events through Flirts Fitness. These events, including pampered chef parties, help promote the activities of many of the women who attend the gym. The next event coming up is Aug. 30, where it will be a night of break dancing and hip hop.

So grab your girls and head to Flirts Fitness, the gym that is unique, fun and sassy.


081808HEALTHLISAMANNIX.jpgDr. Lisa Mannix, Headache Associates
Women experience significantly more migraines than men, according to WebMD. For anyone who has ever had to suffer through one of these attackers that virtually come from nowhere, it’s an extremely painful experience. You become sensitive to light and sound, and may even become irritable and nauseous. Most people don’t seek medical treatment until the migraines become frequent, by which time, they’ve been dealing with this condition for years.


Fortunately, the Tri-State’s Dr. Lisa Mannix is a nationally recognized neurologist who specializes in treating migraines.


She received her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and is certified in adult neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Located in West Chester, Dr. Lisa Mannix definitely should be on speed dial for anyone suffering from migraines.


Dr. Donna Stahl and Associates
Thirty years ago, if you would have seen pink ribbons, pink water bottles, pink socks and even pink sneakers, you would have thought nothing of it. But now, pink symbolizes more than just a girly color to separate genders. Pink now stands for the support of women who have fought breast cancer personally or emotionally with friends and family members.

Every 13 minutes, a woman around the world dies of breast cancer. And in 2008, nearly 182,800 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s one in eight women to be exact. With facts like that, it’s important to be aware of good, qualified doctors in your area that specialize in breast cancer.

Dr. Donna Stahl is a breast cancer specialist and is located in Cincinnati as part of Donna Stahl MDs and Associates, Inc. Stahl has been a part of the medical world for nearly three decades and is a prominent breast cancer surgeon and possibly one of the most well-known in the area.

Breast cancer is not something that should be taken lightly, so get checked often and be aware of who to go to in case you or someone you know becomes that one in eight women that get diagnosed.

Dr. Dotty Schaffer, Holistic therapy
Holistic therapy is not really well-known and is often pushed aside as a ritualistic way of trying to conquer an illness. In actuality, holistic therapy is a treatment that helps the body heal itself. Very different from your typical western medicine practices, herbal healing is one of the most well-known treatments of holistic therapy.

However, when people are told to eat healthy and live healthy by natural supplements, it’s one thing, but when people are told to heal with natural remedies, it’s a scary prospective and few are ready to take the initiative.

Dr. Dotty Schaffer specializes in holistic therapy. Schaffer has also received her acupuncture certification, which also allows her to assist patients with addictions and stress as well.

Holistic therapy is definitely thinking outside the box, but with all of the craze on living healthy and avoiding chemically altered substances, it seems smart to start healing healthy. 


081808HEALTHSandraVogel3.jpg Sandra Vogel, PhD, Wellness Adventures
Yes, you’re a woman, hear you roar. But when stressful days at work make you roar more than socially acceptable, it’s time for a break. Make it a Wellness Adventure and you can write it off as a business expense.

“Wellness Adventures — Retreats for Women’s Heart and Soul” is the brainchild of local entrepreneur, Sandra Vogel, PhD. With decades of experience as a business woman, she learned the art of mixing business with pleasure. She designed these retreats where women can take a few days away under the guise of networking and professional development workshops. But what’s different about these retreats is that after a long day at the workshops, you don’t go back to a boring hotel room and stale room service food. Instead, you choose from a long list of spa treatments or have a massage therapist ready to give you a good rub-down in your hotel room.

In 2002, Vogel founded the Cincinnati Chapter of eWomenNetwork, an International media organization promoting women and their businesses. In the fall of 2005, The West Chester Chamber of Commerce selected Sandra as a Woman of Excellence for her work in serving others as a professional and as a volunteer. In the Spring of 2006 Sandra was named one of Cincinnati’s top 20 Leading Women for her work as an entrepreneur. So, after your rub-down, make sure you rub shoulders with this powerhouse.



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