Take Control with Happy Fit

Take Control with Happy Fit

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Mary Beth Knight, founder of Happy Fit


Struggling, stressed out, unhappy and unhealthy is no way to live or work.


Mary Beth Knight understands this on a personal and professional level. Fifteen years and 50 pounds ago, she looked in the mirror and realized she needed to make a change. She quit smoking and developed an exercise, diet and lifestyle system that made her into the lean, mean, healthy lifestyle-lovin’ machine she is today.


In 1999, she opened the doors to Revolution Fitness in Oakley, which offers a range of fitness and wellness programs to challenge every level of fitness. Through Revolution Fitness, Knight has been working with individual and corporate clients for more than 14 years. One of those clients, Jack Geiger, recently inspired her to launch new business venture.


Geiger was referred to Knight by Dr. John Tew to help alleviate his nagging back pain. Within weeks, the pain was gone, he was back to work, and Geiger realized that Knight could help millions with her knowledge and passion for health.


He encouraged her to launch Happy Fit, an eight-week corporate wellness challenge that lowers blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat and creates more energy.


“Technology allows us to coach people daily, and that is what changes takes—constant reminders to make the right choice and how that choice affects your health which affects your life, your relationships and your job,” says Knight.


The habits that individuals are challenged to change are those that directly affect BMI, blood pressure and body fat, which are the health markers by which insurance providers determine the cost of health insurance. The program creates teams of four within an organization to create the support system necessary for sustainable change. “The program is technology based, but human driven,” explains Knight.


What makes it different from most corporate wellness programs in that Happy Fit does not just ask individuals to take place in biometric screenings to determine where they are in life; It teaches people how small changes in their daily lives can add up to big results in their biometrics, and their lives. Also, there is the option where you can take advantage of the program by basing it around your company so you get to work with your fellow peers to get to your goal weight.


“The program is designed to set employees up for success and work with their already over-scheduled lives. Happy Fit requires employees to check in daily,” says Knight.


Leaders are encouraged to award prizes and encouragement for participation in all aspects. The atmosphere built around the small but social teams create a healthy playing field for corporate competition. “Employers couldn’t be more thrilled with the cost savings due to healthier employees and the Happy Fit program delivers with 84 percent of all participants stating they are more productive at work due to the program,” says Knight. “They are less stressed out, less fatigued, and have a lower dependence on unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress.”


Coming up in October, any company will be able to access the Happy Fit program. The completion of the smartphone Happy Fit application will allow those with 10 employees or 100,000 to positively influence the health of their staff through Happy Fit. “Happy Fit will continue to provide a personalized coaching approach,” says Knight. Knight and Geiger will train a sales and support staff of personal trainers who will oversee the programs running across the country.


Affordability is also a very large point to take into consideration. Knight and Geiger both recognize how hard it is for companies to participate in health programs due to cost. Happy Fit prices will range from $45 to $65 per employee, with follow up programs being priced as low as $25 each.


For more information about Happy Fit, visit its Facebook Fanpage.