Bootcamps Get Better Bodies for Busy Bodies

Bootcamps Get Better Bodies for Busy Bodies

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MMM, bootcamp.


Commanding sweaty buff military men doing push-ups for being naughty, naughty boys.


But when the bootcamp steps out of your trashy romance novel and into reality, it might get you hot and bothered for a different reason. You’ll be happy to learn that not all bootcamps are created equal. There are two in particular that offer local ladies the opportunity to trim and tone while having having fun on a busy schedule.


Cincinnati Adventure Boot Camp for Women is an outdoor exercise course that lasts for four weeks, one hour a day, Monday through Friday and is designed to accommodate women of every fitness level, shape and size who just want to lose weight, get healthy, reduce stress or even elevate their metabolism. The classes begin at 5:30 a.m., so whether you have to get to work or get the kids on the bus, you should be able to make their classes and get a jump-start on your day.


Each session is led by a certified fitness trainer, and not only will they have you performing efficient exercise routines for women, but they will provide nutritional counseling and motivation training. Most importantly, though, they will provide lots of fun.



Registration for the four-week course is $299. So, if you’re willing to shell it out to shed it off, can expect the following results from a four-week bootcamp according to the Cincinnati Adventure Boot Camp for Women Web site:


  • 3 to 5 percent reduction in body fat
  • 5 to 12 pounds weight loss
  • 25 percent improvement in strength
  • 100 percent gain in self-confidence
  • 1 to3 inch decrease in the midsection
  • 25 percent improvement in endurance
  • Greatly improved posture
  • Better relaxation


But for all you frugal fitness-needy femmes out there, the pie gets even sweeter. The official Cincy Chic fitness expert, Doug Gibson at Sensible Fitness is offering exclusive fitness boot camp workouts to Cincy Chic readers on all Saturdays in September.


But don’t be a couch potato. Gibson has to limit this special deal to the first 20 people, with two visits max per person, in September so others can enjoy!


Participants must pass a simple six-question health screening. The camp will be 55-minutes long, held at Sensible Fitness Personal Training Center in Blue Ash, and is on all Saturdays in September at 8 a.m. “It’s going to be a great total body workout emphasizing fat burning and muscle toning,” says Gibson. “And it’s women only!”


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