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CycleBar founders, Bill Pryor and his sister Alex Kremmer

Bored with your workout routine? Bore no more with CycleBar‘s new fitness studio, set to open in Cincinnati this fall, with its unique indoor cycling experience like no other. Think of it as Spinning during a rock concert – a revolutionary way to connect your mind, body, and fitness with heart-pounding results.


The concept began in 2004 outside of Boston where Bill Pryor and his sister Alex Kremmer decided to join forces to create the first independent cycling studio in the nation. Ten years later, Pryor and Kremmer have the opportunity to allow others to experience the same high energy and benefits of CycleBar. Partnering with like-minded fitness enthusiasts, Pryor and Kremmer are now able to unveil multiple CycleBar studios around the country. One of the main partners is CEO of St. Gregory Development Group, Jeff Herr who is a member of CycleBar Hyde Park LLC and the exclusive franchise development firm.


The new Cincinnati-based CycleBar studio, which will be located in Rookwood next to DSW, plans to open with a bang. Guests will get complimentary sneak peek sessions of their indoor cycling experience, as well as enjoy various events and special offers.


“CycleBar offers guests more than just a workout; it’s an inclusive, affordable, premium experience,” says Herr, adding that the studio welcomes guests to a tiered Rhythm Room where they can choose a bike or reserve one online in advance up to a week. “As the lights dim and your CycleStar instructor pumps up the volume, you are led on a mind-blowing, heart-pounding, multi-sensory ride like none other.” In addition, CycleBar offers flexible commitment options. The first class is free, and after that, guests have the option to pay per class online or sign up for one of the three membership levels.


Every visit, guests are treated to amenities such as free towels, showers, lockers, shoes, infused water, and fresh fruit. “CycleBar provides premium experience with premium amenities and everyone is a member that’s why it’s inclusive,” explains Herr. “We want to deliver something really special where guests can lose themselves on their bike and forget everything that’s going on outside.”


CycleBar currently offers its studio clients across the nation 34 different types of classes, but beginning January 2015, there will be more than 40 types available. Classes will consist of CycleBar Complete, CycleBar Chakra Energy, CycleBar Surge, CycleBar Classic, CycleBar Strength, CycleBar Endurance, CycleBar Theme Ride, CycleBar Free Intro Session, and CycleBar Teen Ride.


These classes are led by high-energy “CycleStar” instructors and are fueled by pumping playlists in their state-of-the-art Rhythm Room. With access to more than 1.5 million songs and 44,000 videos, CycleBar never plays a playlist twice. After each visit, guests will receive an email with the playlist and CycleStats, which is a full layout of personal performance data including calories burned, heart rate, and more. “CycleBar guarantees concierge-level service and a strong supportive environment for both beginners and experienced riders. We invite people to take the journey,” says Herr.


For more information, visit or email them at Also, join the CycleBar staff on October 1 as they open their first Cincinnati-based studio, located at 2713 Edmondson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209.