Ask Rocco: I Don’t Like Running (or the Bleeding Nipples)

Ask Rocco: I Don’t Like Running (or the Bleeding Nipples)

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Question: Rocco, I have always stayed in good shape, my husband has not. Last year he had a heart attack (at age 46, eeeek!) and on his doctor's recommendation, he started running. I have never been a fan of running but decided to take it up and support my husband. After nearly a year, I still do not like running and he is more in love with it than ever before. Recently, he asked me to train for a marathon with him. I want to support him in his new healthy life style but I do not want to train for a marathon, plus running long distances make my nipples hurt even bleeding at times (is that normal?). How do I bow out and pursue my own interests without discouraging my husband? I just want to return to my bike and enjoy exercising again.


Answer: These types of questions have broken up many households. I hope I can discourage any forthcoming carnage with my answer.

There are many ways to handle this situation, but for the sake of time, I will give you my preferred solution. First, you need to realize that you and your husband are not attached at the hip. You are not Siamese twins, you are husband and wife. With that distinction you need to broach the subject of being a supporter and not a participant with that in mind.

I personally hate running, and many of my friends love running marathons. I like cycling, they don’t. And guess what… We all co-exist. It’s amazing but true.

Ask your husband to discuss this issue at a designated time and location that both of you feel comfortable, and without distractions (cell phones, kids, brother or sister-in-laws…you get the picture). You can bring up the fact that you thought it was a good idea to start running with your husband in his quest for good health but it just hasn’t been what you thought it would be. Suggest that he join a running club to help him train for the marathon and find comrades in arms better suited for distance running than you.

You can explain that 26.2 miles is really not something that you would enjoy doing and maybe on occasion you’ll go on short runs with him. You need to get on your bike and ride and begin enjoying exercise for your own sanity. If your husband gets discouraged from you bowing out from training for 26.2 miles of ass-breaking training, then divorce him and find someone a little more understanding.

And yes many people do experience bleeding nipples. To combat that, use Vaseline, or place a band-aid over them.