A New Approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy

A New Approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy

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It may be impossible to stop the clock, but Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help turn it back a little. Gina Worrell and her husband Bruce found such dramatic results from the therapy, they opened their own clinic. Now, she says, she has the energy for the important things in life, like playing with her four children.


Worrell was one of those moms who had boundless energy, enough to run several miles in the morning before taking care of her children. After the birth of her fourth child, however, she began to experience intense and unexplainable fatigue. Her husband, a doctor, signed her up for every blood test and examination under the sun until they finally found the culprit: an extremely low level of testosterone.


The find was surprising, but lucky — most women wouldn’t think to check their testosterone levels. Worrell began HRT and immediately noticed an improvement. Over time, she regained her previous level of energy — and also developed a passion for sharing with others what she had learned.


The idea behind the treatment is to replace the naturally-occurring hormones that your body needs in order to regulate itself, but tends to stop producing in the necessary quantities, as one gets older. These dropping hormone levels contribute to a lowered quality of life, leading to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis — diseases that people have come to expect with aging.0208GIBBERMAN.gif


HRT is meant to prevent and help reverse certain negative effects of aging, with health benefits including: prevention of osteoporosis, protecting the cardiovascular system and reducing blood pressure, reducing incidence of diabetes, protecting nerve cells and brain function, improving learning abilities, providing a better quality of sleep and working as an antidepressant by increasing serotonin levels. Studies also show that natural estrogen decreases the risk of breast cancer (and possibly cervical and uterine cancer) by increasing apoptosis (the body’s ability to recognize and destroy an abnormal, possibly cancerous cell).


This treatment had such life-changing effects, the Worrells decided that they had to make this option more available and better-known. They opened up the Center for Optimal Vitality, where Mr. Worrell serves as the doctor and Gina Worrell manages the office and helps the practice to run smoothly.0908_SENSIBLE.gif


“Hormones control and regulate every cell and organ in our body,” says Gina. “So if our hormones are low, they can’t carry the whole message to our cells and organs and that’s what starts the whole aging process.”


The hormones that the Worrells use at their Center are plant-derived and are exact replicas of the hormones produced in a human body. Their business is dedicated to helping people achieve a high quality of life — according to their slogan, “Not just Hormone Replacement Therapy but a life regained.”


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