Total Body Wellness: It’s only Natural

Total Body Wellness: It’s only Natural

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In the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest literally means survival of those who are most fit. Bunnies hop, mice scurry, fish dart though water, and tigers sprint then pounce. All of these animals have specie-specific traits that allow them to live. Being able to avoid predators and catch food is a gigantic survival advantage.


Another side of survival is always interesting, and that’s reproduction. When these animals move the way they were designed to, it gives them characteristics that translate to other animals in their species as sex appeal.


 Female tigers don’t find slow male tigers sexy. And there aren’t too many of the slow guys because in the wild if you can’t catch food, you’re not making it long. Luckily for the tigers, they don’t have to spend the money on a personal trainer to get fast. He’s fast because survival demands it. And ironically enough, that survival mode is what lands him a lady tiger friend.


What does this have to do with you, sitting at your desk?


Well, when is the last time any situation in your life demanded you to do repetitive bicep curl or leg extension? Many people work out just to look good. Traditional workouts don’t do much for generating a physique that’s naturally the most attractive.


Take, for example, the huge, muscle head body builder. You know who I’m talking about: the guy that can’t straighten his arms, the "Which way’s the gym?" guy. It’s just not hot. 061410VALLEYVIEW.GIFThere’s nothing sexy about steroids. Training for appearance misses the mark on a few levels. In nature those that are the most functional are the most fit and the most attractive.


Humans are specifically designed to do some movements. You squat and deadlift just hauling Costco purchases inside the house. We’ve handicapped ourselves as a society because we’ve valued dysfunctional fitness to the point where it’s the norm. We’ve done that by first, choosing to sit all day long at the computer and television. Our day goes from one seat to the next and the next. If we would’ve been designed to sit all day, it would have been incorporated into our musculo-skeletal functional fitness. There would be no need for chairs.


The second way we’ve hurt ourselves was by creating an entire culture of fitness that advised people to train in ways that were maladaptive in order to "look fit." Traditional workouts aren’t taking you where you need to go.


Nature gives us several cues. Women and men who train functionally experience loads of health and survival advantages that are innately sexy, just like we see in the great outdoors.