Staying Healthy, One Post at a Time

Staying Healthy, One Post at a Time

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When her son’s in-utero medical condition inspired her to be more cash conscious, local woman Andrea Deckard started what became a continual search for discounts and deals to save her family from debt. "I didn’t want that kind of debt associated with making sure that my child was healthy and being able to have surgery," Deckard says.


As her hunt for treasure savings grew to be successful, Deckard shared the wealth with family and friends through chain e-mails that turned into a MySpace page. But that intimate audience has grown to thousands of readers with her blog, Mommy Snacks.


While Deckard’s son is now 2 1/2 years old, Deckard has continued to keep her family’s grocery bills to a minimum, but Deckard keeps her original intentions at the forefront and doesn’t allow her money-saving measures to win out over her family’s health. "One of the things that I don’t compromise on is the quality in what I feed my kids," Deckard says.


Many people hold the mentality that cheaper foods and cutting coupons can lead to junk food habits and preservative-filled meals. Deckard has proven that that is not necessarily the case as her resistance to compromise on quality has contribute to her 70-pound weight loss over the last year and a half.


"Anything I bought I obviously had to feed myself and my family, and that’s the stuff that I ate when I lost the weight. … You can save money and you can buy the right things to eat and also lose weight, eat healthier meals and just have a healthier lifestyle all together," Deckard says.


To make for an even healthier lifestyle, Deckard added more exercise to the mix, but Deckard didn’t just add exercise to her life. She added it to Mommy Snacks too with her Friday chronicles of her weight-loss efforts. "I am very focused on making a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and not just in the eating, but it has to also be in the exercise and working out," Deckard says. "And I want to set a good example for my kids to see that too."


As she continues to see fewer dollars spent at the register and fewer pounds on the scale, the impact of Deckard’s efforts goes beyond her personal achievements. What once started as quick e-mails to family and friends has transformed into Deckard’s reaching people she will never meet face-to-face. Through comments and e-mails, Deckard has learned of other lives she has touched from one person saving $20 to another saving $22.


"It’s not like, OK, one person saved 20 bucks. It’s how many thousands of dollars are all of these people saving because of the little bit of time that I’m putting into the site," Deckard says, and she is glad that she can be a part of those money-saving experiences.


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