Ask Rocco: Muscling up a Fast Metabolism

Ask Rocco: Muscling up a Fast Metabolism

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Question: I have a pretty fast metabolism and have a hard time putting on and keeping muscle weight (or any weight for that matter). I altered my workout so that I now use heavy weight but low reps, I never do cardio and I eat three large meals and a protein rich meal replacement every day. What else can I do? I really only want to gain about 10 lbs of solid muscle.

Answer: Whoever told you that high weight low reps puts on muscle has never looked at, let alone read an exercise book. That myth was propagated when other weight lifters assumed that power lifters were that big and strong because they were doing low reps. It just wasn’t true, genetics and higher rep workouts played a huge part in keeping them big.

I have to tell you, your question is ripe with weightlifting and bodybuilding myths. Most important thing is stop trying to shove protein down your throat. No matter what the fitness magazines say, taking in more protein does not put muscle weight on you. Your body can only utilize so much protein and then you shit it out.

The most important thing you can do to add on muscle weight is to add a ton more carbohydrates to your diet. If you take in protein instead of carbohydrates your body will use the protein for energy if there are not enough carbohydrates. This is not a good thing.

Carbohydrates, no matter what you hear are actually good for people that are exercising on a regular basis and want to add muscle. You ask me what else you can do. I suggest you stop reading magazines for your fitness education and for every protein gram you swallow, take in three carbohydrate grams. This will allow you to workout with more intensity and break down more muscle fibers which in turn will build more muscle. Also stay within a 15-20 rep, repetition range, especially for your legs. Make sure the last five reps burn like they’re on fire.