Total Body Wellness: To Eat or Not To Eat

Total Body Wellness: To Eat or Not To Eat

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In the middle of the low-fat craze sweeping the nation a few years back, avocados got an undeserving bum wrap. People where scared of their high fat content and avoided one of the most nutrient dense fruits out there. Now, we know that avocados are super high in monounsaturated fat and packed full of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants.


It’s time to squash any unhealthy thoughts about the avocado and start buddying up to some fresh guacamole or sliced avocado drizzled with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper.


The healthy fats and other nutrients you get from avocados help your body maintain proper levels of hormones that spur fat loss and muscle building. Those healthy fats in avocados do a ton for you: They help control insulin levels, make you feel full longer and take away cravings for things you’ll regret in the a.m. Add it all up, and you’ve got a leaner, healthier body. Hello avocados! tava_instory_jpeg.jpg


This tropical fruit has lots of good stuff, here are five in particular:


1. Oleic Acid: This monounsaturated fat helps lower cholesterol and is helpful in preventing breast cancer and other cancers.


2. Potassium: This mineral helps regulate blood pressure. Adequate intake of potassium can help to guard against circulatory diseases, like high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke.


3. Folic Acid: One cup of avocado has about a quarter of your required daily amount of folate, or folic acid, a B vitamin that plays an essential role in making new cells by helping to produce DNA and RNA. Folate also helps lower the risk of birth defects in babies (all you expecting mammas load up) and is important for heart health. One study showed that individuals who consume folate-rich diets have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke than those who do not consume as much of this vital nutrient.


4. Carotenoid Lutein: Concentrated sources found in avocados are great for eye health.


5. Other Cancer-Fighting Ingredients: Avocados also contain measurable amounts of related carotenoids (zeaxanthin, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene) plus significant quantities of tocopherols (vitamin E), important in the fight against cancer.


Cut up fresh avocados in your salad, add to sandwiches, omelets or Mexican food. Guacamole (mashed avocados with garlic, onion, tomato, pepper, etc.) is one of my faves. Avoid the fattening corn chips and dip veggies in your guacamole or spread on sandwiches or a juicy grass-fed hamburger. If you have any great recipes with avocados, feel free to post in the comment section below. Enjoy!