Don’t Shop Till You Drop

Don’t Shop Till You Drop

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Your dogs are barking from a daylong holiday shopping spree while your fingers hurt from pinching all those pennies. What’s a girl to do? Several local spas and stress-free sanctuaries have just the thing to get you back in the holiday shopping spirit.


Northern Kentucky

Spa413, located in the offers it all; with everything from collagen to hair removal to peels and pedicures, if you’re in need of a one-stop-shop for beauty and relaxation, you’ve met your match. But, if you’re getting overwhelmed from all the shopping — after all, there are more than 65 businesses to choose from try the DeStress Express Massage for a quick pick-me-up. For $65, two therapists will work simultaneously to get you relaxed and out of there in 30 minutes; your friends won’t even know you ever ducked away and you can still meet them at Starbucks — looking like the holiday season isn’t even phasing you.



If you’re in too big of a rush even for a half-hour massage, Origins, located within Rookwood Commons near Downtown Cincinnati, might be your best bet. Origins is selling Peace of Mind ($10) to dab on your neck, temples and earlobes. Breathe in the relaxing aromatherapy, and your tension and stress disappear quicker you did on your last bad date.


Just about an eight-minute drive northeast is Sia Spa, which offers both ancient and more modern massages. For $60, the Sixth Chakra Massage (Shirodhara) promises to relax the entire nervous system, and open your Sixth Chakra, or “third eye.” Hey, with three eyes, you’re sure to be better at spotting a good deal! Your third eye probably doesn’t work like that, but with the service clocking in at only 30-45 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to snag a fabulous find with just two eyes.0208GIBBERMAN.gif



Just 10 minutes from Eastgate Mall, you’ll find the one-stop-shop for beauty and relaxation. Moonstone Salon offers hair and nail services, and package deals with names like “Moondazzle” (a manicure, pedicure and blow dry styling) and “Man in the Moon” (a haircut, manicure and 30- to 60-minute massage) the business is definitely embracing their inner moon. But if you’re pressed for time, the 45-minute back treatment might be the one for you. For $55, it includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, spot treatment and of course, massage, all focused on your back. Let’s face it, stress hits everywhere, but it really hits your back.



A six-minute drive from Tri-County mall will land you at Head Shed Salon and Day Spa. Head Shed offers makeovers, waxing and massages. And if you’re getting married during the holidays, you’re going to need something to take the edge off. A half hour full body massage is $40 and a full hour body (or localized) massage is $65. But if you are really in a hurry, or if you want to decide on the fly just how much massaging you really want, they also charge $1 a minute in the massage chair. Where else can you drive by while shopping and decide “You know, I really want a massage, but I only have seven minutes to spare” and really get your money’s worth?


So, with all that shopping and number-crunching you’ll be doing this holiday season, make sure you take a break at one of these local de-stressing spas, before you crunch someone else!


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