Revving up Your Relaxation

Revving up Your Relaxation

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"Rarely, if ever, does one think of a garage as a place where one would go to for a massage. The Garage, Massage Therapy & Bodywork changes all that," Owner Onalda Martinez says.


While not literally a garage itself, this massage venue caters to the hard-working individual who deserves a break but might not prefer the typical spa environment. The Garage is focused on providing a laid back approach to bodywork. "Massage doesn’t have to be expensive, clinical, nor too ‘metaphysical,’ " Martinez says. "It should be an affordable, personal, comfortable and, above all, an effective experience. While massage is relaxing, it can be a powerful and natural option for pain relief, stress management and other medical conditions."


The Garage ditches the spa stereotypes to transform your experience into what you want and what works for you. Before your service, your massage therapist will get to know you and your body with a one-on-one interview. This interview will include a thorough medical history as well as personal preferences like what scents and type of music relax you. "It can be spa music, but it also can be heavy metal, country or hip-hop," Martinez says.


After learning more about you, your massage therapist will apply the information to your overall experience. If you like the scent of lavender, you can expect to smell it while you’re receiving your massage treatment. And if you like Colbie Caillat, don’t be surprised if you hear her mellow voice.


"They’re in the driver seat," Martinez says about her clients. "I love telling people this over and over again: Just because you’re the one receiving a massage, it doesn’t mean that you don’t communicate your needs with your therapist."


From the therapist’s touch to the relaxing scents and sounds, The Garage truly appeals to your senses. And after just four months in business, The Garage is expanding that sensory experience with an office remodel. The new and improved layout will include an additional treatment room to provide more availability to clients, and it also will entail the installation of audio/visual equipment in the treatment and waiting areas.


Beyond the physical experience, The Garage even caters its scheduling options to you. You can make your appointment via a phone call, the Web site, the Facebook fan page, an e-mail or even a text message.


"Someone can text us and say, ‘I want to set up an appointment for tomorrow,’ and we will get their name, phone number and e-mail address and within a short period, if not instantly, they’ll receive a confirmation e-mail," Martinez says. "Unlike many of the massage venues out there, we embrace technology to make us more efficient and accessible to the client."


To learn more about how to schedule your appointment online, click the play button below. And be sure to order your gift certificates today because their sale ends today. Until tonight, you can order a gift certificate but pay for half the time, so a 60-minute massage is $30, a 90-minute massage is $45, etc. For more information about The Garage, head to, call (513) 235-0566 or e-mail


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