Portable Pleasures

Portable Pleasures

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With its relaxation and therapeutic possibilities, a massage can be an indulgence in itself. But with the slick winter roads and the hectic holiday traffic, heading to a spa can be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why Serene Indulgence brings the serenity to you.


Formerly the Serene Indulgence Day Spa at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Hotel in Clifton, Serene Indulgence now has mobilized its services to offer clients less traffic and more time for a lower price. With this mobilization, clients can still receive a full range of spa treatments, including table and chair massages, body wraps and facials.


Relieving Pain

Besides a massage or spa treatment, Serene Indulgence offers pain relief through the Rossiter System Workout. To achieve success with this program, a certified Rossiter coach assists clients in particular stretches to target their individual pains and often relieve them in a matter of seconds. There are only about 15 Rossiter coaches in the Tri-State area, says Luther Bond, Rossiter coach and founder and owner of Serene Indulgence.


“The reason we’re called coaches is that we put you in charge of your pain. We’re just coaching, but we’re participating in it with you,” Bond says.


During a Rossiter workout, as opposed to a table massage, clients are on the floor and fully clothed throughout the entire session.


 Promoting Health

As a Rossiter coach, Bond takes the ideas and techniques behind the Rossiter System and transfers them to the table.0208GIBBERMAN.gif


“As far as I know, I’m the only Rossiter coach that has actually incorporated a few of their Rossiter techniques into their massage,” Bond says.


Beyond Rossiter, however, Bond strives to promote the health of his clients by getting to know his clients. Before scheduling an appointment, Bond asks potential clients about the problems they want to address and their medical history. In some cases, Bond will refer his clients to a medical doctor before he will allow them to go through with massage therapy.


“As a therapist we make sure that we are not hurting something in you, that we are promoting something within you,” Bond says.


He also educates his clients to ensure their health and safety. For example, many clients do not realize that it is unsafe to have a massage within 12 hours of consuming alcohol, so Bond makes sure to educate his clients on this fact and refuse to massage any client who has consumed alcohol recently in order to promote their health and well-being.


Customizing the Experience

After asking the questions about the client and their medical history, Bond adapts his techniques to fit each client’s individual needs. For example, Bond uses different strokes to speed up the heart rate and other strokes to slow down the heart rate, depending on the desired effect.


Serene Indulgence also keeps a file for each client, keeping track of the client’s medical and massage histories. This allows for return clients to schedule quicker while still receiving an individualized and safe experience.


“It’s the difference between buying something off the rack as opposed to getting something tailor-made,” Bond says. “Something off the rack is just a general outfit, but something tailor-made, it’s made for your curves, for the way you sit, for the way you move.”


For more information or to schedule an appointment, e-mail or call Serene Indulgence at (513) 885-4321. So as you’re running around, trying to set up the decorations, cook all the food and clean all the nooks and crannies of your house, you can give yourself an hour break and let Serene Indulgence stop by and relieve some of your stress and pain.


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