Veg Out

Veg Out

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Some changes go beyond making a choice and enter the realm of making a lifestyle, which brings a whole slew of choices with it. Now, those making a lifestyle geared toward green practices and green eats have a resource to help them make those choices to live out their lifestyle.


Formed as a collaborative effort, creates an online community "for all things green and vegetarian living in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana," according to the Web site. So the site creators contribute their experiences of living an eco-conscious or vegetarian lifestyle.


"I think that there are different groups of vegetarians and vegans who have different interests and they don’t necessarily cross paths, so [] is a place where people who are in different communities can come together, get a resource and engage in dialogue," says Brook Westheimer, web developer and founder of Watercourse Technology. contributors take you around town and even around the kitchen with their personal experiences. You can find an entire recipe section categorized by gluten free, raw foods, vegan and "Cincinnati Originals" sections. The "Cincinnati Originals" gives you the chance to try Cincinnati chili, vegetarian-style, and the vegan section tells you where you can get your hands on a vegan frappucino.


Other Web site sections offer news, local directories, reviews and health resources, making live up to its goal of being an all-encompassing resource for green and vegetarian lifestyles. But is more than just a Web site.


"There’s an online component, but with our goal of bringing people together and building relationships and getting this dialogue, there will be in-person events also," Westheimer says. The Web site has an events section to keep you up-to-date on green happenings around the city, and will be sponsoring various events, including a lunch party in January.


For more information about and the eco-friendly and vegetarian options around the Queen City, check out



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Brook Westheimer
Location: Fischer Homes