2015 Panties Across the Bridge

2015 Panties Across the Bridge

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Panties will soon fly high on The Purple People Bridge. Keep reading to find out why, and the good cause behind it all.


Of the nine bridges crossing the Ohio River at Cincinnati, only one is purple. But for one day only, the Purple People Bridge will turn teal for a good cause.

On July 11, the Jaymie Jamison for Hope Foundation is hosting its 5th Annual Panties Across the Bridge Event. For the occasion, they’re lighting it teal, the color of ovarian cancer awareness, and hanging hundreds of panties across the bridge.

The Jaymie Jamison for Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women and the families of women who suffer from gynecological cancers including cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancer.
This foundation has been active since 2011, when 34-year-old mother of four, Jaymie Lynn Jamison had unfortunately lost her year long battle of cervical cancer on Feb. 6 in 2011.

It was then, the Jamison family decided to do something to help other women and families with similar needs as theirs and started the Jaymie Jamison for Hope Foundation – with Jamison’s husband, Jon Jamison as President and her mother, Cheryl Saylor as Vice President of the foundation.

Panties Across the Bridge has been going strong for the past five years, growing larger in both attendees and donations. This gynecological awareness event was thought of by Jamison’s daughter, Hope when she at the time, was only 14.

“We like to do anything and everything we can to assist families and to educate people on these cancers”, says Saylor. “Our foundation is small, but we do whatever possible to help.”

Not only have they hosted this event for the past five years but they also go into schools and talk to local health classes about gynecological cancers, HPV, STDs, and prevention. Their team is dedicated to spreading the word on how to prevent and treat gynecological cancers. They send out chemo treatment bags to patients across the Tri-State, and even provide financial support to select women who do not have insurance to cover treatment costs.

People from across U.S. have attended this event to show their support. “It grows bigger and bigger every year reaching up to the thousands in guests” says Saylor. During this event there will be a vendor and health fair, and music will begin at 4 p.m. to dark. The Jaymie Jamison team and volunteers will be hanging panties all through the day. At dark, they will flip the switch and turn the bridge teal for the rest of the evening.

At the event, you will see all types of decorative panties donated by women, families, and sponsors. Some of these fun undergarments are decorated with messages, some are decorated with jewels, while some have family pictures of gynecological cancer patients.

This event is the organizations biggest event of the year to teach women and to raise awareness. “We have to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of our families. Early detection is the biggest tool for prevention and to keep us safe, so it is important for women to get checked yearly with exams and pap smears”, says Cheryl when talking about gynecological health and the message behind Panties Across the Bridge.

Their final goal is a direct wish of Jamison. To help financially support Hospice of Hope. Jamison received first rate care during her last weeks of life from Hospice of Hope and they would love to help provide other families going through the same struggles.

To help reach the foundation’s goal of hanging 11,000 pairs of panties, you can bring your panty donations the day of the event or mail them to 110 Aaron Dr. Mount Orab, Ohio 45154.

You can receive more information about this event and their foundation by visit them on the web by clicking here or “like” them on Facebook.