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Charlie Levine, owner of 513FIT

Charlie Levine was working as an instructor when he noticed that people attending his classes often received many more benefits, if not more, than most of his one-on-one clients. That’s when he decided to launch 513FIT in late 2009.


Levine has been a trainer for almost 12 years and he says he has a lot to offer clients. He was a competitive athlete, loves all things strength, and is a fan of Pilates and Yoga. This, according to Levine, makes him a well-rounded instructor.


“My main emphasis is on first having good movement habits because you don’t want to put intensity or load on top of dysfunction,” Levine explains. “Once we get those movement patterns down, then we’re off to the races.”


His start with 513FIT was a team effort and he says he couldn’t have done it without the support of the Aikido of Cincinnati community. “When I was ready to go out on my own, they gave me a key to the place,” he says. “From there, I started teaching classes, buying equipment and promoting the business.”


According to Levine, when you take classes with 513FIT, you’ll find the majority are held in the morning and last for approximately 45 minutes. Levine says they are total body strength-based classes and done in a circuit format. They include everything from yoga and martial arts-inspired body weight movements to kettlebells, dumbbells and battling ropes.


“The goal is to cover a lot of ground, from fat loss to toning and core strength to flexibility as quickly as possible while keeping it fun,” Levine says.


A single class costs $15 and one month of training twice per week is $80. You can purchase one month of training three times per week for $120 and discounts for longer commitments. Levine adds that he also does off-site classes where he travels to places of business to bring the workouts to you.


Levine says that what makes his business unique is the supportive community that is 513FIT. “We’re supportive, we talk to each other and we have fun,” he says.


It’s also the level of training you receive when you turn to 513FIT. From the workout design and instruction to being able to progress the movements up or down as you need, you’re going to get a full workout every time you participate in a class.


What makes 513FIT unique? Levine says they not only offer fitness classes but also teach clients how to have a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. “You’ll never achieve and sustain a body or a life you love by doing exercises you hate and following a diet you loathe,” he adds.


Levine says there might be some outdoor classes held on Saturday mornings beginning in the near future thanks to the beautiful weather and arrival of summer.


The 513fit classes are offered at Aikido of Cincinnati, located at 4727 Red Bank Road. “It’s across from the new MedPace campus and a great departure from the typical gym. It’s a beautiful training space,” Levine explains.


To learn more about 513Fit, visit www.513fit.com or email Levine at 513fit@gmail.com. “Or best of all,” he adds, “new clients can check out a class for free.”