A Blog That’ll Make You Sweat

A Blog That’ll Make You Sweat

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Sweaty and blog-savvy. That pretty much sums up Danielle Korb.


If she’s not training a client at her downtown gym, Sweat Training, she’s posting exercise and nutrition tips and tricks to her blog.


Korb started her blog in 2009 as an extension of her work with clients at Sweat Training. "I was getting a lot of emails and questions from people who were wanting similar results that I was getting for my clients and myself, but who were unable to train with me in the gym," she says. "I wanted to help them get in their best shape and I wanted to further the results for my current clients so I brought The Sweat Training Program to the online community!"


She says the blog, and her business, centers around three core values: Inspire, sweat and camaraderie. "All the exercise, diet and fit lifestyle tips on Sweat’s video blog are a part of one comprehensive program that I designed to help you increase your metabolism, burn fat, get lean, toned and fit," Korb says. "The blog covers information from how to correctly do the right exercises, how to setup an effective weekly workout plan, specific healthy groceries and tasty diet recipes."


Korb’s blog isn’t just a bunch of boring written posts either. She incorporates many video blogs into what she calls "Sweat Training TV."


"Sweat’s Blog is a video blog which allows me to train, bring my excitement and effectively explain the plan to the online community," she says. "It’s wonderful to feel very connected and be right there with them supporting, inspiring and driving them toward their goals."


Korb says all the tips she provides are set up to be challenging, efficient and effective. "I don’t want you to waste any time learning the information or applying the information in the gym or kitchen," she explains. "Train and eat to change your body so you can spend more time on living your fit lifestyle."


To better help readers make over their bodies, the site is about to get a makeover, too. "You will be able to purchase the Complete Comprehensive Sweat Training Nutrition and Exercise Program," says Korb.


In addition, clients will be able to purchase an ebook with online workout videos detailing the entire Sweat Training Nutrition and Exercise Plan. Korb says this will help clients learn exactly which foods, portions, and workouts they can incorporate into their lives. Learn more at SweatTraining.com.