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Lauren Abel, founder of Abel to Cook and Abel Fitness Training

Food is one of our greatest pleasures in life. But with our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles, food can also just be a deep fried, biggie sized convenience. That’s why one local lady launched a cooking school, so you can learn how to have the convenience of fast-food, but the health and budget of a home-made meal.


Abel to Cook is the perfect place to provide those tools for anyone eager to jump on the healthy train. Abel to Cook is the healthy eating and healthy cooking division of Abel Fitness Training, which launched in January 2012.

“While healthy eating is a critical part of being healthy and fit, most people only think of exercise when they hear the word fitness,” says Lauren Abel, owner and CEO. “So, I’ve split the company into two divisions/products. Abel Fitness Training is primarily focusing on fitness and exercise education for companies and individuals. And Abel to Cook is focusing on healthy cooking and healthy eating…whether you eat at home or dine out.”

Abel was inspired to start her businesses from her own weight loss journey. “Most people gain weight and become unhealthy because they eat too much and exercise too little. I gained weight because I exercised too much and ate too little. The point is…it’s a balance!”


Abel to Cook serves three segments:


Abel to Cook for Companies
Healthy, fit employees are more productive employees and utilize healthcare less frequently. Abel shows employees how to cook simple, healthy delicious meals. Companies choose themes and menus for each cooking demonstration at their office. Recipes are demonstrated and employees get to taste the recipes afterwards. Everyone also gets copies of the recipes including nutritional information.


Abel to Cook for a Cause
This unique fundraiser is hosted at someone’s home or other location with a full kitchen and ample room. Non-profits find a company or individual to underwrite the cost of the cooking demonstration, food and any location charges, if applicable. Guests pay to attend the event and all money collected goes directly to the designated charity.


Abel to Cook for a Healthier, Happier You
These services are designed for individuals or groups. Services include healthy eating coaching, healthy lifestyle coaching (includes both healthy eating and exercise coaching) label reading and grocery shopping outing services (Abel says clients find this one a real eye opener!), pantry raid (this involves going through a client’s pantry, refrigerator and freezer to see what’s healthy and what’s not so healthy in their home), cooking demonstrations for groups such as couples, families or girls night in vs. a night out. Cooking demonstrations can be hosted at someone’s home or other locations with a full kitchen and ample room and personal chef services.


“Part of what I teach and coach isn’t just about what to cook, it’s how to cook. When I say how to cook, I’m talking about meal planning and cooking ahead. For example, I cook on Sunday afternoon for the entire week…that’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! Anything I eat that week is either warmed up in minutes or takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and create because I’ve done all the prep work such as dicing vegetables for salads or egg dishes, making salad dressing in advance, etc.,” says Abel. “We fully educate people about what a healthy eating lifestyle looks like and tastes like. Then we show them how to make that a reality. People are always amazed at how easy my recipes are and how great they taste. My clients are primarily working women with full-times jobs and families.” The cooking school also offers a variety of themes to fit various eating preferences. For example, Abel to Cook gluten free, Abel to Cook vegetarian, Abel to Cook healthy holiday meals, Abel to Cook breakfast in less than five minutes, etc.


Due to her own weight loss success, Abel feels she can relate to her clients and knows how to help people get healthier and achieve success. “When people see my before and after photo or people knew me when I was obese, they know I understand their situation. Who better to help them than someone who has been where they are? Clients and prospective clients look at me and say, “She’s 50 years old and is in the best shape of her entire life. She eats right, exercises right and has kept her weight off for more than 10 years. She’s truly walking the walk and talking the talk of a healthy lifestyle. If she can do it, she can teach me to do it too.” There is nothing more rewarding than that.”


Abel says her business continues to grow through networking, word of mouth/referrals from fitness clients, cooking clients and clients of her public relations firm (Abel Associates Public Relations), social media, having an exhibit at business events, and doing public appearances, and having booths at running or fitness events such as local 5ks.


The new Abel to Cook web site, www.abeltocook.com, will be launched later this year. For now, people can learn more about the two divisions at www.abelfitness.com.