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Aditi Rao

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Read on to learn about a blogger and Instagrammer who wants to spread positivity through blogging.

Food and adventure. Those are two of Aditi Rao’s greatest loves and she now shares them on her blog, Food Times Infinity.

“I am a foodie at heart. I was always up for trying different cuisines and experimenting with different places and food. If I liked anything, I’d introduce my friends to the same and when they appreciated it as well, I’d be happy,” says Rao, an IT Analyst at a locally-based healthcare company. “Over the years, I’ve noticed that there’s no bond between two people, greater than the love for food. Food is almost the only standard topic everyone resorts to, to have a good conversation. That led to Food Times Infinity, my little love for food, in summation. It is my small way of recommending and celebrating all the delicious food, from different places and cultures that I enjoyed.”

Her adventures inspire each blog post idea for Food Times Infinity. “I try different cuisines, places and my travel experiences help in trying different types of food,” she says. “I try to document all of that in my posts.”

Along with the Instagram account, Rao runs a blog called My Boundless Thoughts. “My name, Aditi, means boundless- and the only boundlessness I identify with is the boundlessness within my mind,” Rao says. “That led to My Boundless Thoughts. I started out with a Wordpress account with the same name, and this year, took a leap of faith to own my own.”

There are five categories of posts with My Boundless Thoughts: 

• General: “Where I write about life and current events around the world,” Rao says.
• Reviews: “Here I attempt to review books, movies or shows I liked,” she says.
• Travel: “This space is a complete jot down of my travel itineraries and experiences, with photographs taken by my DSLR,” Rao says. 
• Miscellaneous: “Where I jot down my ramblings or thoughts that don’t fit any category,” she says.
• Stories: “Here are presented the short stories I’ve written,” Rao says. 

Through her blog, she doesn’t define success the way other people might. “I avoid looking at numbers- likes, follower counts, shares. These are discouraging,” she says. “If I post something and if someone sends me a text or a message saying- my piece made them feel better or helped them in anyway; I consider that a win. That’s my success.”

The mission of her blog is to help people. It could be a simple topic like mental health or a difficult one like life decisions,” she says. “From my stories to travel blogs, I want to address at least some need that people have.

Whether it is her website or food blog, Rao wants to spread happiness and positivity to the community. “My blogs areversatile, in my opinion and respectful towards most sentiments. Everyone can find something useful for themselves.”

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