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Anchor Fitness

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Learn about a local, family-owned, recently-expanded fitness studio that has a plan to motivate you to be your best self this year.


The goal of Anchor Fitness is to help every individual achieve their health and fitness goals. The family-owned, community-based training facility offers certified staff that enjoys sharing their passion for fitness with clients.

“Our mission is to provide individuals with the highest quality coaching, resources, and support backed by a motivating and encouraging community,” says Kait Collins, the Manager of Marketing and Operations at Anchor Fitness. “Our sessions are tailored to those just beginning their fitness journey to elite athletes.”

Due to its dedication in helping its clients meet their health and fitness goals, Anchor Fitness has expanded in the last few years to include other activities such as high-intensity boxing sessions and the Anchor Run by Kids programming.

But, Collins emphasizes, Anchor is so much more than just a training facility. “Anchor is a community of individuals striving to better themselves, who support and motivate each other along this journey,” she adds.

The owners behind Anchor Fitness are Leah and Joseph Mendenhall, who felt that they needed to open a fitness studio when they saw a need for a facility that offered group fitness without the intimidation often felt at other gyms.

“They wanted to offer a gym where you could be challenged to work hard, while feeling the support from the gym community and guidance from trainers who truly care about your health and wellness goals,” says Collins. “This was and is today, the foundation of Anchor Fitness.”

Collins says that Anchor Fitness prides itself on the community it’s created. “The community is unlike anything we have ever experienced,” she says. “Filled with members who start as strangers and soon become family – new clients should anticipate to feel supported the moment they walk through the doors.”

Also, Anchor Fitness strives to offer workouts that are dynamic, always changing, and never boring.

According to Collins, Anchor Fitness has big plans for 2019, as the facility continues to upgrade and outfit itself with more state-of-the-art equipment to enhance member experience.

“We have several wellness challenges for our members offered throughout the year, motivating clients to reach their goals,” says Collins. “We are fueled by community outreach and giving back, and of course, expect to see tons of clients making huge transformations by committing to our programming to make this the best year yet.”

You can find Anchor Fitness in the heart of Batavia, which also helps to make the facility an ideal location for clients around the Tri-State.

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