Barre3 Opens in Mariemont

Barre3 Opens in Mariemont

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Busy schedule keeping you from a healthy routine? Learn about a new Barre3 studio offering online and late-night classes.

Barre3 recently opened a new fitness studio in Mariemont.
Barre3 recently opened a new fitness studio in Mariemont.

In an effort to bring fitness opportunities to additional parts of the Tri-State, Barre3 recently opened a studio in Mariemont on Oct. 3.

But what is Barre3, you might ask? According to Corporate Communications Lead Michelle Jahnke, “Barre3 mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body.”

The concept of Barre3 was inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates. “Our instructors guide you through a specific sequence of movements that tone and lengthen all major muscle groups, rev your heart rate, and strengthen your body,” says Jahnke.

The Barre3 studio in Mariemont is owned by Karey Matteucci, who says that bringing a Barre3 to Mariemont was a no brainer.

“My husband and I both grew up in a neighborhood about 10 minutes away from our studio,” she explains. “I started my Barre3 journey while living in California. As a new mom in a new city I instantly fell in love with not only the classes but the community the studio built as a client and then as an instructor! I knew that I had to bring this amazing whole body program back to my hometown. I can’t wait for this adventure with the Mariemont community. My passion is teaching and connecting with clients beyond the barre. I am excited to share my passion and barre3 with the local Cincinnati community and inspire others to find their own internal mantra and appreciate their own beauty from within.”

While the idea of attending a class like Barre3 everyday sounds like a good idea, it isn’t always something that can fit into the schedule of a working mom.

But, thanks to their on-site signature childcare classes, Barre3 Mariemont has flexible class times that begin as early as 6 a.m. and go as late at 7 p.m. “This allows us to encourage every client, male or female, to make their Barre3 workout their own,” adds Matteucci.

To help with the craziness of a busy schedule and lifestyle, Barre3 is offering online classes in addition to their in-studio classes.

Matteucci says the online workouts are highly efficient and adaptable to those of any fitness level. “It includes a new workout posted every Monday combined with a discussion forum that gives you access to the instructor featured in the video, who acts as a guide for that week,” she says.

Matteucci adds that additional information regarding the online classes can be found here.

Matteucci says that although the studio just opened, they’re already planning to debut a new program in January, which is something you’ll have to stay tuned for.

The Mariemont studio is located at 7449 Wooster Pike in Cincinnati. To learn more about the studio and the classes offered, click here.