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Beth Januzzi-Underhill, founder of Bella Forza Fitness

As a little girl, Beth Januzzi-Underhill dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur like her father. Today, she boasts more than 30 years owning businesses of all sorts, ranging from landscape design and catering to a golf boutique and now a female-focused fitness studio. “Each one has provided its challenges but the rewards have exceeded the tests,” she says. “I have learned a great deal about people as a result and love that I continue to learn on a daily basis.”


Bella Forza Fitness (BFF), is Underhill’s most recent venture, and it’s been deemed one of the best fitness studios in Cincinnati. With a mission to help women discover their inner beauty and strength, BFF offers a safe and fun environment for women with a variety of classes unique to the community.


“We are a one-of-a-kind facility. The friendships, camaraderie and fitness results all combine to empower women daily,” Underhill says. “We launched this boutique to change lives and we have. Bella Forza is not just a fitness studio. We are a family of strong, amazing, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.”


Underhill says BFF is not only successful here in Cincinnati, but it’s now expanding into new cities as a satellite location recently opened in Lexington. “Time and again, ladies thank us for what they have discovered about themselves and what they have been able to accomplish. And not only do members appreciate what BFF has done for them, but also our instructors,” she explains. “Many of our instructors began as members and after seeing differences in their lives they became energized to do the same for others.”


While Underhill has received recognition for her various businesses, including BFF, in national publications, on radio and on TV, she is most proud of the impact she has on individuals when they realize their potential. “I never found my purpose until I founded BFF,” she says, adding that her passion keeps the inspiration flowing to always add new and exciting offerings for clients.


“Some of our new classes include Surfset Classes – we are the only ones in Ohio to have these – and our GRIT Classes, which are high intensity interval training classes and are very hot for 2014. Our Pole Fitness Program is exploding and we could not be more thrilled,” she explains. “I am also becoming a certified lifestyle and weight management coach which will complement my independent distributorship with AdvoCare, health and wellness products, that our ladies just love.”


With so much support for Underhill’s ongoing success, she says she hopes to continue to change people’s lives and help people in a positive way. “Between the media, relationships and our own self-doubt, we as women struggle daily to find our inner happiness,” she explains. “So much of what is engrained in our heads is very surface-oriented instead of finding and developing the beauty and strength that is inside of each of us. My mission is to help women discover their beautiful strength!”


To learn more about BFF, visit or call 513-871-BFF4.