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Managing a busy lifestyle while still maintaining good nutrition and low stress levels is something Hannah Schwieterman is all too familiar with. “I was making six figures working 60-plus hours at my job, engaged and had two huskies. I was constantly put into very high stress positions at work, no time to cook or take care of myself or my health and I had a major nervous breakdown and lost everything,” she says, “I gained 45 pounds, destroyed my relationship and lost my job. I learned the hard way that there is no such thing as having it all.”


After her life-altering experience Schwieterman decided to begin teaching people the food and nutrition aspects of health to support their busy lifestyle by launching Healthy in Cincinnati. Located in Springboro and West Chester, Healthy in Cincinnati opened at the beginning of 2014 and helps clients keep up with their health, family, work and hobbies. “Healthy in Cincinnati was developed for women that are ages 35 to 55 that work and need help dealing with stress,” she explains. “My mission is to teach people that life can be fun and to look at the positive side of life.”


At Healthy in Cincinnati, Schwieterman and Jen Beck, from Advanced Wellness, help people with food and nutrition through counseling as well as offering Stress Relief programs, Grocery Store tours, Pantry Purges and weekend workshops that instill long-term healthy lifestyle programs and Bio-Age Monitor sessions.


The Bio-Age Monitor, which has been used for several years in the UK, made its way to Healthy in Cincinnati and has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from clients, according to Schwierterman. The Bio-Age Monitor quickly gives you a report that shows many of the key health indicators that will allow you to understand some of the vital messages your body is trying to send you to get healthy and stay that way such as your Biological Age, Heart Rate, Stiffness Index, Reflection Index, Oxygenation and Body Mass Index. The monitor does this by measuring the stiffness of arteries called Pulse Wave Volume analysis.


“We have been part of multiple health fairs since the launch and people have been extremely receptive to it. It’s a great tool to see peoples true age,” Schwierterman explains. “The number one killer for women is heart disease and a huge contributing factor is stress. This is a great way to track results every 30 days to see the improvement based on the results. We can actually calculate and prove that our recommendations are working.”


Healthy in Cincinnati is currently offering Bio-Age Monitor sessions for $45. The session includes your Bio-Age Test and recommendations towards your health goals. Clients of Healthy in Cincinnati have experienced both shock and awe after being tested with the Bio-Age Monitor, Schwieterman says. “I have tested a young girl age 22 whose cardiovascular health tested at the age of 36! After getting started on the suggested program she dropped her age by five years after the first month,” she adds.


Schwieterman hopes to branch out and have Healthy in Indianapolis and in Columbus. “The more people we help with the prevention of heart disease and stress, the more fulfilling life can be for that individual and the loved ones around them,” Schwierterman says.


For more information on Healthy in Cincinnati and the Bio-Age Monitor visit or Healthy in Cincinnati on Facebook.