Bonafide Meal Prep

Bonafide Meal Prep

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A local meal prep service helps those trying to lose weight, build muscle or just enjoy the convenience factor.

A meal prep service that helps you improve your health and life by saving time and enjoy healthy meals. That’s the idea behind Bonafide Meal Prep.

“Bonafide Meal Prep is a local service that provides meals to those that are trying to lose weight, build muscle or would just like convenience,” Brandy McCaster, Owner and Founder of Bonafide Meal Prep, says. Bonafidemeans to be made, done and presented in good faith without deception or fraud and that’s the motto we operate with,” she says. “Bonafide means to be honest and provide my clients with exactly what I’m promising.“ 

The business has been around since 2015 and is located at Historical Findlay Market in Over-The-Rhine with six people working for the business.

There are a few different type of meals offered at Bonafide Meal Prep. “We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, we offer detox meals and muscle building meals,” McCaster says. “We also match clients up with personal trainers in their area.” 

You can order meals online by going to their website.

The business is different from other meal prep businesses because it lets the customers have a say in the meal prep process. 

“Our business is different because our clients are able to build their own meals. There isn’t a weekly menu that they have  to chose from,” she says. “We also connect and get to know each client one by one to learn their goals, likes and dislikes.”

McCaster’s favorite part of working for Bonafide is the staff that she gets to work with. “We have a great time at work and I love getting to know my customers,” she says. “I really love helping my customers reach all of their personal goals.” What gets McCaster to come back to work everyday is seeing the impact the business is having in her customers. “Knowing that somebody is going to benefit from my service,” she says. “Knowing that someone will be able to reduce their blood pressure or cholesterol medicine, knowing that someone is going to lose a pound or two just from changing their diets.”

The most memorable moment that has happened at Bonafidewas a customer’s story. “The most memorable was when a customer lost 13 pounds in one week on our detox plan,” McCaster says. “She called me crying and then I began crying!”

You can keep up with what Bonafide Meal Prep is doing by following them on FacebookInstagram and check out their website.