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Holly Larson, founder of Grass Roots Nutrition and BrideBod

With a passion to educate and empower brides to cultivate their marriage on a foundation of health and wellness, Holly Larson, founder of Grass Roots Nutrition, launched BrideBod. BrideBod is a service package that takes place prior to and after the wedding, to support and sustain the newlyweds’ health and wellness goals.


“Getting ready for a wedding is a time that people are wanting to look and feel their best and are thinking about how they want their marriage to be,” Larson explains. “BrideBod is a combination of my training and my passion for real, delicious food and who doesn’t want to look their best on their wedding day?”


Larson began her dietician journey four years ago and since has worked in many different settings, including a hospital. “When someone is admitted to the hospital, the last thing they want to think about is dietary changes at home. I didn’t feel like the work that I was doing was truly making a difference in people’s lives,” Larson says. “In order to connect with people interested in making healthy changes, I launched my own company, Grass Roots Nutrition.”


BrideBod is one of the many service packages that Grass Roots Nutrition offers, and according to Larson, has become quite popular due to its unique concept. The main package focuses on the brides but there are opportunities for the future spouse, the family and bridesmaids to take part, too. The package includes 10 nutrition counseling sessions, some before and a few after the wedding, two cooking lessons, a grocery store tour for two, two entries to Larson’s 21-Day Real Food Challenge and a review of the wedding registry with information on kitchen essentials for healthy cooking and tips for setting up your kitchen for health. BrideBod also includes opportunities for the bride to contact Larson or vice versa through phone, text or email to answer any questions that may arise.


“There are some companies that do one part of the program, such as cooking lessons or nutrition counseling, but the entire BrideBod service package, including the registry review, seasonal eating, grocery store tour and more is a unique opportunity for Cincinnati area brides,” she says. “Once people understand how much is included in the package and how it is focused on real, delicious food, their eyes light up and they think it is a great idea!” The BrideBod package is priced at $1,250 and takes place over a year as Larson works with the brides before and after the wedding day.


Since the launch of BrideBod, according to Larson, clients have especially loved that the package continues after the wedding. Brides are able to learn about real nutrition, how to shop with confidence and how to cook dinner with seasonal menus. “Health is our most important asset,” Larson says. “This package should be a top priority for brides, just as important as the photographer documenting the event is looking and feeling your best on your wedding night.”


As for the future of BrideBod and Grass Roots Nutrition, Larson is excited for the growth of the company and is looking forward to working with previous brides to promote healthy pregnancies as well as host cooking classes for their children.


If you would like to learn more about BrideBod or Grass Roots Nutrition, you can visit Larson in person at the New Year, New You event on January 24 from 6-9 p.m. at the Elements Conference and Event Center, or the health and wellness beauty fair that Larson will be hosting in Oxford on February 15 from 11 to 2 Presidio Pines B+B. You can also visit Larson’s website at