Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp

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Learn about a new boot camp where the workouts are tough, but with things like on-site childcare and complimentary nutrition guidance, it’s easy to get in the best shape of your life.


Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym.

Burn Boot Camp. Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, does it? Teryl Greist, Owner and Operator of the Hyde Park-based Burn Boot Camp, says that while their workouts are intense, they try to make everything else easy. 

“Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym. Our mission is to empower women and change their life,” Greist explains. “We offer complimentary child care; we know that can be an obstacle for moms to get to the gym. We also offer complimentary nutrition guidance with our Certified Personal Trainers.” 

The “burn” part of the business comes from a desire of her and her partner. “‘Burn,’ to me means the burning desire that my partner, Tom and I, and all our staff have to change people’s lives,” she says.

The idea behind Burn Boot Camp actually sparked in a parking lot. “[It] started in a parking lot in Huntersville, North Carolina, about five years ago by our fearless leader and CEO Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan Kline,” Greist explains. 

Greist was inspired to start Burn Boot Camp in Cincinnati from a passion for changing the lives of women. “I know for Devan, it was a passion to change the lives of his clients,” she says. “For me, I wanted to open a franchise because ‘Burn’ changed my life, and I wanted to change the lives of other women like me.” 

At Burn Boot Camp, there are many different people who want to change their lives for the better, Greist says. ”At Burn Boot Camp, you will see all types of women, and men, all ages, all athletic abilities. You will see our Head Trainer, Mary, giving one on one attention to our clients,” she adds. “You will see women encouraging each other. You will see a TON of high fives!” The client base of Burn Boot Camp mostly consists of women, but there are two camps offered in the evening that men can attend.

The boot camp is different from other boot camps. “Burn is different because it really does become an addiction. The environment is so different from any other gym you enter,” she says. “There’s a positive atmosphere, and lack of judgment from our members. It’s the best 45 minutes you can ever give yourself in a day.” Burn Boot Camp defines success by “seeing clients change their life, whether it be mental or physical,” she adds. 

The business is a great addition to the community and brings people together, Greist says. “Burn Boot Camp is important to the Cincinnati community, not only for our hope to change the lives of its residents, but also in our philanthropic presence as well,” she adds.

Burn Boot Camp is located at 4325 Red Bank Road, Suite A, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. To learn more, visit https://burnbootcamp.com/locations/cincy-hyde-park-oh/ or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.