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Cincinnati Health Institute

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Read on to learn about a place where people in Cincinnati can improve their health in unique but effective ways.


Gregory Woeste, D.C. (left) Andrea Beaver, D.C. (right)

Do you want to experience a healthcare business that’s passionate about making you feel better? Cincinnati Health Institute, was started 28 years ago and is a “functional medicine and chiropractic clinic,” Andrea Beaver, DC of the Cincinnati Health Institute, says.

“The inspiration to start CHI came as Dr. Woeste and I started to recognize that patients were desperately searching for alternatives to conventional treatments,” Beaver says. “This evolved into the inspiration for an online store and patient portal to manage nutrition, supplement and vitamin needs.”

Founder, Dr. Woeste got into the healthcare industry by visiting a chiropractor for a problem when he was younger that normal medication couldn’t fix. “He became a believer in chiropractic care after that experience and was inspired to pursue chiropractic medicine,” she says. As for Beaver, she was inspired to get into chiropractic medicine after a car accident and seeing her local chiropractor. “The interest in nutrition and functional medicine began for both of us as we witnessed our patients struggle with issues that could be managed through proper diet, supplement and lifestyle changes.”

There are a variety of different services offered at the Cincinnati Health Institute. These include:

  • Chiropractic Care and adjustments, including therapy and dry needling.
  • Ideal Protein weight loss program
  • Nutritional, hormone, genetic, and neurotransmitter testing
  • Sell doctor trusted, high quality vitamins and supplements through their website.

“Finally, we take a holistic approach to each patient that comes through our doors,” Beaver says. “We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get at the root cause of inflammation or disease and help our patients heal from the inside out.”

Beaver feels that the Cincinnati Health Institute is important for the community because they offer unique methods that aren’t the traditional ways to treat patients. “Patients are tired of prescription drugs and their side effects,” she says. “As the population becomes more educated on the dietary management of disease and inflammation, they need the ability to access a marketplace that provides those products and the support necessary for those products. We provide support and answer questions for all vitamins and supplements sold on our site.”

Beaver’s favorite part of working for the Cincinnati Health Institute is seeing the transformation of the people who take control of their health. “Knowing we are helping people make small changes that will give them big results, is extremely rewarding,” Beaver says. “Our goal is to inform, inspire and educate patients so they can take control of their health.”

To keep up with Cincinnati Health Institute updates updates and news, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and their website. Also, you can visit them in person. They’re located at 7712 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. To learn more, visit