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A local health and fitness guru opened this Cincinnati-based gym that focuses on helping clients reach their unique goals. Read on for more!

Cincy 360 Fitness is bringing a new workout to Cincinnati that burns up to 800 calories.
Cincy 360 Fitness is bringing a new workout to Cincinnati that burns up to 800 calories.

When Josh Garrett opened Cincy 360 Fitness in November 2013 he had one thing in mind – focus on the clients and their goals.

And that’s exactly what he did. Garrett opened a client-oriented gym that wasn’t anything like he’d seen anywhere else in the Greater Cincinnati area.

“I felt like, working in other gyms in the area, that most of these facilities were geared more toward the dollar rather than helping clients see actual results,” Garrett explains. “I wanted to put the client first instead of making money.”

Today, Cincy 360 Fitness is a personal training studio that helps clients reach goals and see results.

“We customize programs based on an individual’s’ goals as well as their ability levels,” he says. “We also cater to whatever program fits that individual person in order to get them the best possible results – the ones they’re looking for – and helping them get to where they want to be.”

In order to help clients look and feel their best, Garrett took a comprehensive view on fitness when he developed his training program. He says that the approach they use on training is strength, cardio, nutrition, and recovery. “We help all the training come full circle,” he adds.

Garrett emphasizes that Cincy 360 Fitness is for those who want to see their fittest selves and achieve the results they’re looking for. “We also strive to be customer-oriented, we want to take care of our clients and the clients will take care of us,” he says.

In addition to their private training sessions, Cincy 360 Fitness is launching The Cincy Circuit. This workout is designed to give you a challenging group workout in a fun, upbeat, and motivating atmosphere.

“We’ve done our research and found that there are a lot of fitness classes in Cincinnati that offer either high cardio volume and low weight training or vice versa,” says Garrett. “We wanted to develop something that was more well-rounded and in a class setting, so we launched The Cincy Circuit.”

Garrett says the class is great because it can burn upwards of 800 calories in just one class. Plus, he says, it’s great because it’s geared for both men and women. “A lot of fitness classes are more for women but this one is really great for both men and women,” Garrett adds.

According to Garrett, The Cincy Circuit boats two phases:

  • Strength training
  • Tabata-style cardio

“The 1-hour class leverages high-intensity interval training, helping you torch calories and build stamina while gaining long, lean muscle tissue,” says Garrett.

The Cincy Circuit is also offered multiples times throughout the day to fit into anyone’s schedule. Appropriate for all fitness levels, the class is a great way to meet others in the Cincy 360 Fitness community who are also pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

After more than 2 years in their previous location, Cincy 360 Fitness relocated to 3833 Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati’s Columbia- Tusculum neighborhood back in March. “Now that we’re in a new facility we’re working on getting our feet back under us from the move,” says Garrett. “We’ve loved meeting neighbors and getting to know the people in this great neighborhood.”

Garrett says that Cincy 360 Fitness is currently offering new clients 3 personal training sessions for $45.

You can learn more about Cincy 360 Fitness on their website. You can also check them out on Facebook and Yelp.