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See how CoreStrong founder Stephanie Tieman turned her passion for fitness into an all-encompassing fitness brand that takes the guess work out of working out.

Stephanie Tieman, founder of CoreStrong
Stephanie Tieman, founder of CoreStrong

One of the most difficult things about working out is all the guess work. Is this the right form? Are these the right size weights? Is my heart rate too high, or not high enough?

That’s why Stephanie Tieman created CoreStrong with a simple mission: Take the guess work out of working out.

Tieman, like many Americans, struggled with weight and food addiction. Even though she knew working out too hard and eating the wrong foods wouldn’t help with weight loss, she did it anyway.

Eventually, she won the battle with weight loss through learning the science behind her workouts. She then launched a business, CoreStrong, so others wouldn’t have to fight the same battle with losing weight that she experienced.

CoreStrong is based on scientific data, leveraging Polar Heart Rate Monitoring and Korr Metabolic Testing, to create and monitor a personalized workout plan. The data shows in real-time on a screen as visual motivation, how many calories are being burned and what heart rate zone you are in with email results after each class.

Metabolic Testing shows:
1) How efficiently your body burns fat for energy
2) Your aerobic threshold, or the maximum level at which you’re still working in your aerobic zone, not anaerobic zone. Aerobic threshold is an intensity you could run at for hours on end.
3) Your VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.

Polar Heart Rate Monitoring offers the following benefits:
1) Helps you achieve your individual training objectives
2) Increases your motivation with instant visual feedback as well as the training report
3) Combined with Metabolic Testing, can help you pinpoint what zone you need to stay within, to make the most of your work out. This allows you to see quicker more effective results.

A large part of Tieman’s job is meeting with her clients every six weeks to get tested, measured, talk about results, and discuss goals.

Opening its doors on Sept. 2, 2014, Tieman says CoreStrong is a result-based training facility instead of an ordinary gym. CoreStrong has many different workouts you can choose including weight training classes, TRX, boot camp, personal training, yoga, barre, massages and metabolic testing.

CoreStrong is also the only facility in the area that has water rowers. These machines have water as resistance and use 80 percent of your muscles during a cardio activity. They are the only licensed owner of two classes using the rowers which are Indo-Row and Shockwave, which is a high intensity rowing class which incorporates strength exercises.

According to Tieman, her history and experience with exercise, nutrition and overall health, she’s the trifecta of a great trainer and teacher. “This includes passion, knowledge, and absence of judgment,” she adds.

As for the meaning behind “CoreStrong,” Tieman believes in focusing on your core first. “I believe that if your core isn’t strong, then you cannot be strong,” she explains. “But that goes with everything in life. If your core or foundation in life, family, business or fitness isn’t strong than you can’t reach your potential. This is why it is important to be CoreStrong.”

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