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CoreStrong Fitness

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What if exercising was less of a chore and more of a lifestyle? What if someone ran a metabolic test on you to customize your workouts? What if you started to see results when nothing else worked? Find out how one local lady’s new gym is doing all of this and more.

CoreStrong Fitness
Stephanie Tieman, owner of CoreStrong Fitness

Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to consume your life. If anyone knows that, it’s Stephanie Tieman, owner of CoreStrong Fitness.

According to Tieman, the concept of CoreStrong has unknowingly been in the works for a long time. “I have been a trainer since 2002 and I always knew what kind of fitness studio I wanted. I wanted a place that was for everyone – a place where no one felt intimidated and got the results they wanted. I wanted to take the ‘guess work’ out of it and show people that it’s easier than they think to succeed with their health goals.”

“I also wanted to give people a place that they could come to every day,” Tieman continues. “We are structured like a group personal training class. We give you a variety so your body doesn’t get worn out or burnt out. We offer the CoreStrong class, Yoga, Barre, Boxing, IndoRow, Shockwave and TRX.”

Staying true to the name, CoreStrong classes are designed around your core. “If your core isn’t strong, then you won’t be strong,” says Tieman. “We teach you how to train in your correct heart rate zone by using a heart rate transmitter so you don’t over-train. Once the class starts, I can see your heart rate, your zone and how many total calories. When you’re done, we e-mail your workout summary.”

Since opening last September, Tieman has succeeded in helping many of her clients succeed and reach their goals. “I have made great relationships with the Covington community and local businesses like The Weekly Juicery and Lululemon, who I was actually just asked to be a Fitness Ambassador for. Making it my first full year has been HUGE.”

As a results-based gym, they meet every six weeks to go over measurements, body fat and nutrition. “We are the only gym in the area that offers heart rate monitoring, water rowing classes and cardio/metabolic testing. I can test your RMR (resting metabolic rate) and that will tell me exactly how many calories you burn at rest and how many you need daily to lose weight. We design your workouts to fit your needs.”

“CoreStrong is also the only licensed owner of a rowing class called Shockwave in Kentucky,” Tieman continues. “They are very low impact and work 80 percent of your muscle, which is more than any other exercise besides swimming. We also teach IndoRow classes, which is perfect for a new rower.

In looking to the future, community involvement is key. “It’s important to make health and fitness important at any age,” says Tieman. “This summer we developed two new programs to help that happen – KidStrong and our high school and college classes. I also want to start designing more specific classes that not only teach about fitness but also about life. I want to start empowering the younger generation sooner rather than later.”

For more information about CoreStrong and to view the class schedule, visit or e-mail Tieman directly at

“We want everyone to know about and come to CoreStrong,” says Tieman. “Your first week is always free, so we want you to come out and take as many classes as you can – then we can meet, talk about your goals and create a plan on how to get you there. I love teaching and showing people that they can do it. The more we’re out there, the more we can make that happen. We are here to keep everyone happy, healthy and fit!”