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Curvy Cardio

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A local woman launched a business that helps other women get fit (and fashionable!) while also embracing their curves. Read on for more!

Morgan Owens of Curvy Cardio uses her own story to inspire others to get fit.

Working out should be fun and something you look forward to. Nobody knows that better than the ladies at Curvy Cardio.

Having struggled with weight issues all of her life, Morgan Owens’ passions stem from motivating others and sharing her story. “I am not a fitness expert, but I know what it takes,” she says. “I’m never ashamed of my story because it may inspire others.”

“I have struggled with weight all of my life,” Owens continues. “I was very active in high school – participating in dance team and cheerleading. In college, I was in a Dance Company for Miami University as both a choreographer and dancer. After college, I coached both dance team and cheerleading for a local high school.”

In 2012, Owens became a certified Zumba instructor after the inspiration from a friend. “This is when my passion for teaching fitness classes heightened,” she says. “While I thought Zumba was fun, I felt there was need for a different kind of fitness class. Two years later, with the advice of North Avondale Recreation Director, Blake Williams, I decided to launch my own fitness class. Thus, Curvy Cardio was born.”

Today, Curvy Cardio is an isolated cardio workout to the latest and “hottest” songs focusing on core, lifting the glutes, legwork and toning arms. Along with teaching classes, Owens and her business partner, Emilie Beck, have their own fitness clothing line, “Fashionably Fit” t-shirts.

“Curvy Cardio is intended on hitting all of the core areas as well as an overall body workout,” says Owens. “All fitness levels are welcomed and all movements can be modified. I also offer an Online Challenge every season, which participants can do everything online if they wish to jumpstart their fitness and weight loss goals.”

According to Owens, what makes what she does unique is how she relates to women who have struggled with their weight and self-esteem. “I believe that you can be curvy, but still be healthy,” she says. “I feel like some people are hesitant to do group fitness classes because they don’t feel like they can relate to the instructor—but I like to believe that I am ‘real’ about my battles with food and staying in shape.”

“I understand what each person is thinking when they begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle,” Owens continues. “I tell my clients every time I slip up but I get back on the program the next day! I have laughed, cried and struggled mentally with these women. I also reach out to clients who I haven’t seen in awhile to make sure they’re staying on track. With life, it gets hard to workout – but you have to make the time for yourself and for your health.”

In looking to the future, Owens expresses that she would love to have her own studio space for Curvy Cardio and travel to different cities with her pop-up shop. “Coming soon, I will be offering small group classes for clients that want a more intimate and one-on-one experience,” she continues. “Ladies can reserve a time, grab a small group of friends, come workout, shop and enjoy a healthy snack after the new ‘happy hour.’”

“I would love to see other women embrace the idea that that you don’t have to be a ‘perfect’ shape, just have confidence, sass and a positive outlook,” Owens continues. “I want to see the women of Cincinnati ‘sweating pretty’ and ‘killin’ it for the crop top.’”

To learn more about Curvy Cardio, check out their website at, like them on Facebook or follow @curvycardio on Instagram for information on future pop-up shops and small group classes.

Owens also encourages readers to come to her classes at North Avondale Recreation Center located at 617 Clinton Springs as well as at Lean Styles Gym. “You don’t have to be a member of the recreation center to attend, just a $5 drop in rate—and I do offer class passes,” she says.