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In an imperfect world, Heather Britt pairs exercise with fun to create an environment where we can all dance through it together.


DANCEFIX, currently offered at the Cincinnati Ballet and Yoga Alive, is a 60-minute, energy charged, adult workout class featuring a warm up, a toning session, and 45 minutes of original choreography by Britt and HBDC teachers.


HBDC is the Heather Britt Dance Collective, which includes DANCEFIX as well as all of Britt’s other professional choreography and dance work.


“There are 10 pieces of choreography in the class – each week we rotate one song out and introduce a new piece of chorography,” says Britt. “Over time students know the bulk of the material and still remain challenged with new material each week. I love watching the students work on learning the choreography then watching them make it their own and evolve it over the 10-12 weeks that the song is in class.”


As the daughter of an aerobics instructor, Britt’s passion for dance started at a young age. “As a child I grew up taking dance workout classes here in Cincinnati – it’s always been the only way for me to keep my mind off of the fact that I am ‘working out,'” says Britt.


When dancing professionally in San Francisco, she came across a dance workout class called “Rhythm & Motion.” “I fell in love with it instantly,” says Britt. “It offered a place for people to express themselves through dance while working out – but it also brought people together that might not have met except for their shared love of dance.”


Heather Britt, Founder of DANCEFIX

Britt began teaching for R&M in 1997 then brought her inspirations back with her to Cincinnati four short years later. As the program grew, she began creating her own, unique choreography and altered the class to its current structure in order to meet the demands of students. So, in April 2014, she developed her own brand, DANCEFIX.


Since the launch, DANCEFIX now has nine other teachers who are teaching 16 classes at two locations, Cincinnati Ballet downtown and Yoga Alive in Kenwood. “There are an average of 1,500 students taking our classes each month,” says Britt.


Today, Britt offers daytime, evening and weekend classes that are available at both locations – as well as choreography breakdown classes. “These are great for new students or for our current students that want to catch up on the choreography,” says Britt.


Classes are $14 for a single class, $64 for five classes, $120 for 10 classes, and $160 for 16 classes. These classes are ongoing and students do not need to sign up in advance in order to participate.


The mission of DANCEFIX is to help students create health, happiness, and a connection to themselves as well as their community through dance.


For Britt, her goals for the future are to add more classes and bring wellness to as many people as possible throughout the Greater Cincinnati area through dance, all while expanding into other markets. “I want to increase our reach in the community, perform as more events and fundraisers, and create a scholarship fund for students who are unable to afford the classes,” she says.



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