“Defending” a Holistic Approach To Wellness

“Defending” a Holistic Approach To Wellness

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Tier 2 offers both fitness and defense courses

Launched in June 2013 in Union Township, Tier 2 assesses individuals through a biological, psychological and social evaluation and places them in programs based upon that gathered information. Tier 2 not only improves human performance holistically but also provides clients with the tools necessary to assist them in reaching their goals with the hopes that they will be a role model for others struggling with the same issues.


Founder and President of Tier 2, Chris Cravens, launched the business concept using his background in the military, law enforcement and federal protection. “My training in the Marines, NCIS and Gavin de Becker was strongly tied to not only physical preparedness, but also understanding how to mentally overcome adversity,” Cravens says. “Tier 2’s training system has been built around all of our instructors’ resources and experiences. Our training syllabi are thorough and precise, and while we are constantly developing our methodologies, we remain true to our core value: improving human performance.”


Tier 2 offers several services, the “GenFit” program being one of the most popular. The “GenFit” program utilizes functional movement patterns that one would use in everyday life. Typically this program offers high intensity interval training with low-risk movements to avoid injury. Other programs offered are Post-Injury Rehabilitation, price varies according to the injury, Personal Training, $120 to $300, Athletic Performance Training, $145 to $345, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, $55 to $150, Martial Arts, $75 per month for 12 classes, Firearms Training, $25 to $50, and Self-Defense Training, $25 to $35.


“We have a 5,000 square foot gym floor outfitted with Rogue equipment, rubber flooring and turf,” he explains. “We also have a 1,000 square foot simulation lane where we utilize force on force training. All of our programs are what we consider performance-based. This means that we seek to not only aid our clients in achieving their physique, weight-loss, flexibility and goals, but to also aid in enhancing our clients’ functional performance.”


According to Cravens, Tier 2 offers training with built-in progressions and regressions that allow clients to perform in any environment. What makes Tier 2 so different from other fitness programs is that Tier 2 is service based and Craven says Tier 2 simply takes pride in their ability to coach. “We provide real functional fitness that directly translates to everyday life and we pay attention to detail. We differ from Cross Fit, boot camps and all other fitness services because we simply focus on improving one’s movement mechanics and body functioning,” he says, “We also offer what we consider to be a ‘judgment free environment.'”


Since Tier 2’s launch, it has grown and changed, offering more services and deciding to only offer defense and fitness classes. In fact, Cravens firmly believes Tier 2 has finally found its identity in the market.


“We have received nothing but positive feedback. Many of our clients have called our programs life changing. The results we have gotten in the veteran, tactical, corporate and public populations have exceeded even our expectations, and we are excited to continue improving people’s lives,” he says. “Our clients want to be here because they see results, and we want our clients to be here as well.”


Cravens hopes to continue focusing on the four pillars of wellness: the body, the mind, nutrition and lifestyle as well as address posture, breathing, movement mechanics for the body, nervous system functioning for the mind, eating habits and structure for nutrition. “The lifestyle component of our program is for the client to demonstrate an outward display of adaptation to a new standard of living,” he says, “Once the individual changes themselves for the better, they can be an example and a resource to the community.” Craven’s ultimate goal is to expand Tier 2’s reach as much as possible and as fast as possible.


To learn more about Tier 2 Training, visit www.tier2training.com.