Eating Right with Health Savor

Eating Right with Health Savor

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Kara Livesay, Co-Founder of Health Savor

In a perfect world, we’d fix our family a homemade, gluten-free, organic, healthy meal every night. Unfortunately though, in the real world, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to always make that happen. That’s why Kara Livesay and her fiancé Brandon Schlunt launched Health Savor, a meal delivery service, specializing in fully prepared, never frozen, 100% gluten-free, organic, non-gmo, super-food based dishes that are ready to heat and serve.


Livesay and Schlunt developed the idea for Health Savor in 2013 when they realized the lack of available food options that were both nutritious and easy. Schlunt has been studying nutrition science since 2005. Livesay has been studying and practicing massage therapy and Reiki for years. “Our biggest common denominator is healing” she explains. “We’re both healers and we want to make the biggest positive impact we can on one of the world’s biggest challenges: health.”


Through Schlunt’s nutritional consultations, he realized that his clients needed assistance planning meals, shopping and preparing healthy food to keep on-hand. That’s why Health Savor not only makes and delivers clean, healthy food, but they also work to educate their customers and the public about health and wellness. “We create meals or convert classic recipes to meet Brandon’s nutritional standards,” Livesay says. “Simply put, our meals are high in all of the good things, with low to none of the bad.”


So, how does the Health Savor service work? With physiology and nutrition in mind, they create a new menu every week. You order a minimum of five entrees and any other extras you’d like by the cutoff of Friday at midnight. They shop, prep, and cook orders Sunday through Tuesday. They deliver each Tuesday and send an email with all the heating instructions, nutritional tips and fun facts from Schlunt. The base price of this service is $65. “We offer customers a powerful and convenient tool to maintaining or regaining wellness by keeping the great taste of health on hand, ready to heat-and-serve,” she says.


What was once a neighborhood diner in Batavia is now the Health Savor headquarters as they use it for its commercial kitchen and storage. Health Savor is currently in talks with commercial clients who want to offer their meals to their own customers and employees. “This is very exciting for business and it lines up perfectly with our mission of making the healthiest foods in the Tri-State accessible to as many people as possible,” says Livesay.


To learn more, visit Their F.A.Q. page offers the current menu, past menus, nutritional analyses and more. Livesay adds that you can also subscribe to their weekly menu and newsletter email list. “You’ll notice on the website that we have big plans for content, so stay tuned,” she hints.