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ELMNTL Fitness makes the outdoors your gym for fundamental movements you need to be healthy


Using nature as an inspiration for a gym, Kevin Wimmer opened ELMNTL Fitness three and a half years ago at Woodland Mound Park. The business name was not only inspired by elements of nature, but also, the lack of vowels suggests another important concept of ELMNTL fitness: it’s all about the basic, fundamental movements necessary for being a healthy and fit person.


Wimmer saw an opportunity for this type of “gym” three years ago as he was walking his dog, Sonny, through Woodland Mound. When he got Sonny, he made a promise to take him hiking at the park every weekend, rain or shine. This promise ultimately was what made Wimmer move from his branding job in Cincinnati to this new “job” as a business owner and functional fitness instructor where he gets to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.


According to Wimmer, ELMNTL Fitness is a fundamental circuit of exercises set in the outdoor elements. Fitness in nature is intended to make one mentally and physically prepare for circumstance that may arise in one’s daily life because of the adapting environment in which we live. Wimmer believes that working with these changing elements, instead of against them, will make his clients stronger and more able to adapt to their environment and ultimately their workout.


“Accomplishing a workout at the gym prepares you for a workout at the gym,” Wimmer says. “When you challenge yourself in nature, the workout is different each time. Fresh air, no chemicals or crowds. The sun’s on your face and you feel nature under your hands and feet, which is what ELMNTL fitness is all about.”


Creating balance, agility, and strength in real life and not gym life is the main goal of ELMNTL Fitness. Only 16 people are permitted per session, which allows for personal attention to ensure proper form and safety. This includes a 60 minute session with variations of nine fundamental activities throughout the park including walking, running, jumping, climbing, balancing, pushing, lifting, pulling, and quadrupedal movement.


“I believe being healthy should be fun, challenging and satisfying in a truly unique way,” Wimmer explains. “I believe you should never pay for equipment you don’t use or features you don’t want. I believe you should always get personal instruction while exercising. I believe challenging yourself against the elements creates practical, real world strength and fitness that can be applied every day. I believe if you have fun while exercising, you’ll do it more, and those benefits are immeasurable.”


For more information, visit www.elmntlfitness.com.