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EMPOWHER Fitness Studio

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Learn about a new all-women’s fitness studio that aims to help women find their inner and physical strength in a comforting yet empowering environment.

Johnnie Kanoza, Co-Owner of EMPOWHER Fitness Studio.
Johnnie Kanoza, Co-Owner of EMPOWHER Fitness Studio.

After spending years working in an all-women’s fitness studio and in the health/wellness industry, Johnnie Kanoza wanted to create an environment where women can feel welcome no matter where they are in their fitness and health journey.

“As an athlete and former fitness competitor, [fitness] has always been a huge part of my life,” she says. “Seeing how other women struggled, yet, when they were placed in the right environment and mindset, thrived, was like adding fuel to the fire inside me to help women achieve their long-term goals.”

Together, with her business partner Kerri Galvin, the two women knew that their visions were similar and would lead them to open their own fitness studio: Empowher Fitness Studio.

“As its core, Empowher Fitness Studio is a mindset and an environment to help women to reach their life goals starting with fitness,” says Kanoza. “Ultimately, Empowher is a place where every woman is welcome no matter where they are in their journey. Empowher is the place where women are able to discover the confidence in themselves and the knowledge they need for long-term success.”

Kanoza says that she and Galvin are more than just trainers at Empowher, they are also there to teach, coach, and mentor their clients as they start or continue their journey to a more healthy life.

At Empowher, Kanoza says that the No. 1 goal is to help women find long-term success in their lives. “We want to help them be the best of what is inside them and to tone up on the outside,” she adds.

Another important aspect of Empowher is to help “instill the confidence in women that is needed to continue their journeys, journeys that put them at the top of their priority list,” says Kanoza.

“I believe that fitness and nutrition must be part of their daily priorities, in order to achieve complete health and to have balance in their lives,” she says.

According to Kanoza, the struggles women run into along the way to health and wellness can often be solved by giving them just the right tools to help them find their inner strength. “These are our goals for them, to give them the tools necessary to find out just how strong they are,” says Kanoza. “We want to empower each client to fulfill their full potential, not only when in the studio, but in life!”

There are a variety of packages available through Empowher, including personal nutrition coaching, pilates reformer packages, personal training packages, and small group training packages. Kanoza says that for the studio’s grand opening they will offer special pricing in August.

Kanoza says that the studio is just getting started, but be on the lookout for plenty to come. “As we grow and find what there is a need for in our studio, we will adjust,” she says. “There is a desire to help educate our youth, too, about exercise and proper nutrition. This will be coming soon!”

You can learn more about Empowher at www.empowherfitnessstudio.com.