Eve Center’s Denim & Diamonds

Eve Center’s Denim & Diamonds

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and gentlemen enjoy style and comfort, so Eve Center is bringing the best of both worlds together with their “Denim & Diamonds” Fall Fundraiser. All proceeds from this event will benefit Eve Center, a faith-based non-profit organization, who offers women in the Tri-State support and the hope in gaining emotional healing.


Cinny Roy, Founder and Executive Director of the Eve Center, chaired the first Eve Center in 2011 along with Terrah Kocher. Today, the Eve Center draws volunteers and clients who are geographically, socio-economically, and denominationally diverse. Through one-on-one sessions, group support and self help, women move through pain to hope and recovery.


Eve Center’s “Denim & Diamonds” Fall Fundraiser is not an annual event, but instead, the celebration of their 10th year anniversary. This year, Roy and Board Chair, Tammy Pacheco, are the co-chairs for the event. They expect to have over 300 attendees and raise and upwards of $25,000.


What Roy is most excited for is the return of former clients. “Many of our volunteers are former clients,” she says. “They have received healing and now they are giving back to the cause. I look forward to seeing everyone – as they are a part of the celebration.”


At the event, anniversary t-shirts can be purchased and there will be opportunities to partake in mini fundraisers. In the “Diamond Drop,” you have the chance to win a diamond in a glass of sparkling wine and with “Pick-A-Pocket,” attendees pick from denim pockets that are holding gift cards or pieces of jewelry.


Following the registration and reception, there is a buffet dinner and program where the Eve Center video, “Generations at the Eve Center,” will be shown. The program will close with a brief history presented by Roy and Ron Beshear of Northwest Mutual. Topping the night off will be live music by Amnesia Lane, dancing, and the announcement of prizewinners.


Early Bird tickets are $55 per person before October 31 and include a full dinner, live band, games and free parking. After that date, the price goes up to $60. The party begins at 6:30 p.m. and lasts until 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 15 at the Cintas Center.


“This is a joy-filled event,” says Roy. “Men and women are capable of connecting with friends while making new ones – all while we encourage and review the past 10 years of successful recovery for women from emotional, relational and spiritual wounds.”


In addition to their Denim & Diamonds event, Eve Center has also opened a north satellite in Butler County, Release of R.O.S.E., a recovery group for women experiencing domestic distress and dysfunction. For men, they have opened the Adam Center. Currently, they have HQ and central site in Silverton, west site in Monfort Heights and are partners at CityLink downtown.


“With 120 volunteer peer counselors and office volunteers seeing over 160 women a month, our clients develop and maintain relational, emotional and spiritual health,” says Roy. “This prevents the need for costly serviced and professional, clinical care requests.”


To learn more about Eve Center, visit www.evecenter.org or call (513) 985-9959. To purchase tickets for the Denim & Diamonds event, go to click here if paying with a credit card or checks can be sent to Eve Center, PO 36483, Cincinnati, OH 45236 – attn. D&D14.