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Explorer Chick Adventure Company

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One local woman turned her love for travel and adventure into a new company that curates trips for women seeking exciting and experiential vacations.

Explorer Chick Adventure
Explorer Chick Adventure Company curates active and adventurous trips exclusively for women.

Nicki Bruckmann, founder and president of Explorer Chick Adventure Company, was living the American dream. She was a wife with a gorgeous home and a successful corporate career in Wealth Management Advising. But this life wasn’t her dream. “I was forcing myself into a mold that didn’t fit,” Bruckmann says. “Turns out being good at something doesn’t automatically mean happiness.”

In July of 2014, after finding herself newly divorced and over-worked, Bruckmann decided she needed a get away but didn’t have a travel partner. Her predicament was the inspiration for a new business, Explorer Chick Adventure Company, a service designed for busy women seeking “exciting and experiential vacations,” Bruckmann says.

Bruckmann turned a string of losses into a chance to launch “Life 2.0,” as she describes it. Bruckmann became a Certified International Tour Director and officially started her business, Explorer Chick, in November 2014. Explorer Chick curates active and adventurous trips exclusively for woman in exotic locations such as Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Each trip is limited to twenty women and mostly inclusive so clients can simply show up and let Bruckmann handle the details.

“Our mission is simply impact. Without fail, Explorer Chicks return home from their Adventure changed. Changed how? It’s unpredictable, but absolutely unmistakable the instant it happens,” Bruckmann says.

Bruckmann carefully curates every trip making sure that each destination is offering the right type of adventure, unprecedented customer service and impeccable accommodations. “Ultimately, I choose destinations based on experience and relationships,” Bruckmann says. “It is important to me to have personally visited and or have a strong relationship with the partners for Explorer Chick trips.”

Each Adventure Chick trip is designed to expand clients boundaries and break up the mundanity of daily life. The adventures that Bruckmann chooses tend to be popular bucket list items such as learning how to surf, trapeze lessons or leaping from waterfalls in jungle river canyons. The driving motivation for Bruckmann is to have women discover something about themselves, conquer fears and learn new skills. “My clients return home having fallen back in love with the outdoors and living a fit life,” says Bruckmann.

Explorer Chick’s trips create adventure and temper it with relaxation while adding a dash of fitness. “Let’s face it, women run the world, staying busy to keep it spinning! Explorer Chick takes care of these rock star women allowing them to truly experience a freeing vacation,” says Bruckmann. So while an adventurer may be climbing the highest mountain in Puerto Plato on Tuesday she’ll have a chance to relax by the pool, soak up sun or enjoy a massage overlooking the ocean on Wednesday. Bruckmann has also worked tirelessly with local chefs to build a nutritious farm-to-table meal menu that also accommodates specialty dietary restrictions.

Explorer Chick has two trips planned for 2016 both located in the Dominican Republic. In August the Surfing and Fitness Trip takes place. The Adventure and Fitness Trip is scheduled for November.

Bruckmann plans to expand Explorer Chick’s trip calendar for 2017. “I’m currently traveling out West exploring destinations and meeting with partners to curate new, exciting adventures for Explorer Chick,” says Bruckmann. In addition, she is planning Cincinnati backpacking workshops and launching a new shop on the company website full of Explorer Chick gear. Bruckmann invites readers to check out the store, tell her what you love and where you call home. In return you will be sent a 10% discount code when the virtual shop doors open.

To learn more, visit Explorer Chick’s website. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.