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Float Your Mat

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As if yoga wasn’t tough enough already, try doing those moves on a paddleboard. That’s the concept behind one local business that’s doing more than just floating a new idea.

Clare Karp, owner of Float Your Mat
Clare Karp, owner of Float Your Mat

Bored with Downward Dog and want to dip your toe into something new? Hop on a paddleboard. That’s the idea behind Float Your Mat, a locally-based family-owned company offering year-round stand up paddleboard yoga classes.

The business, run by Clare and Justin Karp, was inspired after Clare enjoyed her own experience paddleboarding. “I was interested in bringing my love of water and yoga together,” she explains. “After just a few stand up paddleboard yoga experiences on the coast, I was hooked. As a yoga teacher, I wanted more than anything to be able to share this amazing experience with Cincinnati.”

Clare and Justin Karp with their kids, enjoying some "Float Your Mat" family time.
Clare and Justin Karp with their kids, enjoying some “Float Your Mat” family time.

Clare took several trips to Florida to complete Silvia Binga and Tim Ganley’s stand up paddleboard yoga and yoga therapy teacher training. Today, she is a certified stand up paddleboard yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. Clare credits her husband with the support and business guidance she needed to make Float Your Mat become a reality in the Queen City.

Clare says the signature Float Your Mat class is 60 minutes. She takes students through a gentle flow before gradually diving deeper in the practice as well as more advanced postures to help students find their balance.

Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun at Float Your Mat – no experience is required. However, Clare says that they advise potential students that they should be comfortable in and around water in case they go for a dip.

The cost to attend Float Your Mat is $35 per class, 4 classes for $120 or 8 classes for $224. Paddleboards, specifically designed just for practicing yoga, are provided for students.

Karp says Float Your Mat is a practice that’s meant to be joyful and fun. “At Float Your Mat, you’ll take your yoga or fitness routine to a floating mat and challenge your balance in a unique way,” she says. “You’ll feel the subtle body awaken and your mind-body relationship quickly shift.”

Each class has a maximum of five students, which allows Clare to be more involved with her students and help them focus on finding their balance.

Float Your Mat is also available for private parties, retreats or workshops to provide classes that cater to a group’s certain needs or interests.

Outdoor classes will begin in May at Newtown Lake. Clare says they’ll also be offering weekly classes at Mt. Lookout Swim Club beginning in June in addition to the year-round classes at the Hubbard Family Swim School. “We are always looking for new locations to share the experience,” she adds.

To learn more about Float Your Mat and to stay updated on all new locations, times and class options, check out www.floatyourmat.com. Clare says they also post videos and pictures on Instagram and Facebook.