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Fresh Kangen Water

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Kangen Waer has been used in Japanese hospitals for nearly 40 years

When it comes to drinking water, most of us simply are not drinking enough. “It is recommended we drink half our body weight in ounces a day. I used to remind myself to drink more water throughout the day and always felt full and bloated,” says Fresh Kangen Water distributer Tomas Englert.


Kangen Water has been in Japanese hospitals to heal patients for nearly 40 years. Englert explains how Kangen came to the United States six years ago and is quickly replacing unregulated bottled water. “I spent a lot of money on bottled water and didn’t realize there could be anything different about the water I was drinking until I was introduced to Kangen water,” says Englert, “My friend used to drink two gallons of water a day and his doctor said he was still chronically dehydrated. He now drinks less than a gallon of Kangen water to stay fully hydrated.”


Englert explains how water can be tested for positive or negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Positive means it bad for you because it is oxidizing or resting or aging. If it has a negative ORP, a powerful antioxidant neutralizes and hydrates the body. Although drinking bottled water or filtering your tap water can seem like a healthier option, it holds a positive ORP.


Englert learned our bodies only absorb about 17 percent of tap and bottled water due to its large molecule clusters compared to 75 percent of Kangen water because of the small molecule clusters. “The human body is comprised of 70 percent water, so it is no exaggeration to say the basis of vitality and long life is water,” says Englert.


In addition to drinking water, Kangen water is ideal for multiple household purposes from cleaning produce and counter tops to replacing beauty products such a toners. “When it comes to health, I encourage people to not deprive themselves. Instead of subtracting from our lives, we should add good things to our lives to feel better. Soon enough the good things will overtake the bad,” Englert says.


Fresh Kangen is located at 1205 Central Avenue with a new location opening in Kenwood. Englert visits farmer’s markets and health events to demonstrate how the system filters water through platinum medical grade titanium plates to alter the molecular clusters. Anyone can try Kangen water for 21 days to taste and feel the difference.


To learn more about Kangen Water visit and To find out about Kangen events and live demonstrations “Like” Fresh Kangen’s Facebook Page, contact Englert at (513) 509-1241 or email