Get Comfy with Mamadoc

Get Comfy with Mamadoc

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(right to left) Kim Howell and Dr. Somi Javaid Javaid, a.k.a. “Mamadoc”

When they talk, she listens. After years of hearing patient complaints, Dr. Somi Javaid knew there was a need for more practical solutions. Being a mother of three gave her unique insight and motivation to solve some of the common concerns of new motherhood.


That’s when she and business partner Kim Howell decided to pursue their dreams of helping women everywhere by creating Mamadoc, a company designed to develop and deliver practical pregnancy products.


“Somi is very familiar with products on the market to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy but the available products were never quite exactly the way she would have designed them,” Howell explains.


Mamdoc’s Belly Up It maternity belt, for example. “It follows the contour and curve of the pregnant belly with a built-in pocket for an ice or heat back to further ease back pain,” Howell says. “It was the first pregnancy support belt of its kind.”


Javaid, who is a board-certified OB/GYN, and Howell, who has a pharmaceutical and retail background, teamed up in 2009. As the two power-walked around soccer fields while their sons practiced, they developed an idea for a garment to help mothers wean after breastfeeding called the Nox Bra.


“I was intrigued and as we continued to talk we realized there were other concepts that could help pregnant women,” she adds.


The Mamadoc Preghose bamboo compression socks to help with pregnancy-related swelling, are the current best-sellers.


“When you purchase a Mamadoc product, you will notice an easing in discomfort often found in the lower back as well as in the feet and legs as a result of swelling,” Howell says. “The belt and hose were designed by Somi and all of the products contain bamboo to allow for wicking, thermo-regulation and comfort.”


To learn more about Mamadoc, visit www.wearmamadoc. You can shop on their website or in local stores, such as the Blue Cocoon in Montgomery.