Getting Healthy with PhroZen Yogurt

Getting Healthy with PhroZen Yogurt

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Marguerite Swallow enjoyed spending time with her sister. But her vegan sister’s food preferences narrowed the choices of what they could enjoy together. “I believed having options and flexibility in whatever diet you choose in important,” Swallow says, “but having to sacrifice quality and taste shouldn’t be necessary.”


Since they loved enjoying sweet treats together, Swallow tried her fair share of vegan desserts and was left less than impressed. “I didn’t like what I found in the non-dairy frozen desserts my sister brought home, from the texture to the long list of added stabilizers,” she recalls. “I wanted us both to enjoy what we were eating, even though we followed different diets.” Thus, the idea for PhroZen was born, and she launched the business in 2011.



“If you read the label on most mass-produced ice creams, non-dairy and dairy alike, you’ll find a long list of ingredients including everything from add preservatives and stabilizers to artificial flavors,” Swallow says. “We like to keep it simple, with ingredients you can recognize and pronounce.”


This product is locally made vegan ice cream. Swallow says they make it in small batches to better control the quality and to get creative with flavors. And to top it off, most of the PhroZen flavors are a great option for those with gluten allergies, too.


Swallow says she’s working with local foodies and restauranteurs to develop new flavors to be released in the future. And since her businesses is going so well, you’ll soon be able to find PhroZen in more local freezers. PhroZen is currently available in select local businesses, such as Park + Vine in Over the Rhine. Visit their website to learn more.