Granola without Guilt

Granola without Guilt

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 The McCabe family, owners of McCabe’s granola

It can take over your whole body. It can make you angry or sad. Usually it hits you when you least expect it. It saps the strength right out your body. It’s hunger. But instead of reaching  for the candy bar in your purse, or running to a vending machine for a chemically-packed snack, try an all-natural snack on for size. In fact, how about trying one that’s made right here in the Cincinnati area?


The name is McCabe’s and granola is the game. The company started as a business venture for two college guy slooking to make a buck. Moving onto bigger and better things, the college partners sold the business to the Muth family just over one year ago. When Susa, Chris, and their two sons Jameson and Michael took over the company, they discovered that they had quite the knack for the snack business.



Susan Muth took over as president, while the other members of her family took their respective and imperative roles in the company. “This is truly a family business, giving us the opportunity to use our multiple talents and see each other in a different light,” she says.


The new owners decided to keep the all-natural original recipe, producing the snack through a local commercial bakery. There are four flavors on the market these days—true original, PB & Chocolate, delta blueberry, and cran with a twist—though Muth admits that one flavor in particular can always satisfy her sweet tooth. “My hands down favorite is PB & Chocolate, if I need my chocolate fix after a meal or late at night I don’t feel guilty with the dark chocolate and fiber.”


Though the product is currently being sold as a snack, it has so much more potential according to Muth and her customers. Muth suggests use their Cran with a Twist recipe to add a flavorful flair to a salad. “The cranberries and nuts add sparkle” she says. “I add feta cheese and balsamic and it looks like a gourmet salad.” McCabe’s loyal fans suggest that the granola also makes for a healthier option for a cobbler as opposed to your usual streusel.


With all the craze about health food and organic compounds, it’s difficult to know what to look for when all that food is staring you down in the grocery aisle. Muth gives us the insight about a few trends popping up in the industry. She suggests looking for products that are, like McCabes, made with natural ingredients. Also, organic products are less exposed to industrial pesticides and fiber-rich foods are less likely to expose your bodies to any harmful chemicals for an extended period of time.


The ingredients of this McCabes Granola are simple and pronounceable, and most importantly, recognizable—olive oil, pumpkin seed, flax seed and so on. “Customers love our product due to taste and natural content,” Muth explains. Currently, the granola is being sold in Krogers Biggs and Whole Foods stores, as well as specialty stores throughout the Cincinnati area.