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Holly Larson, registered dietitian and founder of the blog Grass Roots Nutrition

Factual food articles, an in-depth recipe index, informative health tips, and a variety of classes offered to those seeking help with their health and wellness. What more could you ask for in a food blog?


Registered dietitian, small business owner and food blog fanatic, Holly Larson, began her food blog, Grass Roots Nutrition, with a specific goal in mind, to offer what she calls honest food based on evidence, not myths or fluff.


“Many people write about food, and many think that they’re an expert in nutrition without having had the proper training,” Larson explains. “It is easy to think that you know a lot about food because we all need to eat every day, but truthfully, the field of nutrition is quite young and the enthusiasts are more plentiful than the experts.”


Though Larson discovered her passion for food and nutrition at a very young age she struggled with what career path she wanted to take. “I have always been fascinated by food. The tricky part for me was finding my own path in the field. Dietitians traditionally work in hospitals; this is important work to do but wasn’t where my own heart was. I had to be brave and trust in my own abilities to set my own path and be successful,” Larson says.


After working a few years as a dietitian Larson’s friend’s encouraged her to follow her heart and get back into one of her other passions, writing. Larson began blogging which eventually led to her starting her very own blog, Grass Roots Nutrition.


“I wasn’t feeling fulfilled with my previous work. Grass Roots Nutrition is the culmination of all of my favorite things,” Larson says. “I enjoy empowering clients to work through their barriers, teaching people to cook, gardening and writing. I love that every day is different and enjoy the challenge of managing my own company.”


Grass Roots Nutrition focuses on all things food without damaging your wallet or the planet. Larson’s food blog offers a wide variety of food articles focusing on nutrition and a recipe index featuring Larson’s most prized recipes organized into categories such as breakfast of champions, dinner in a flash and snack attack. Larson’s blog also includes, the opportunity to hire Larson as a public speaker for an event of your choice to discuss topics such as, Gluten Free 101, Stocking a Healthy Kitchen, and Gardening 101, and a menu of services in which Larson offers her client’s nutrition based classes such as, nutrition counseling, cooking classes and grocery store tours.


“Many dietitians in private practice offer nutrition counseling; this is important to discuss individualized recommendations and goals. The problem is that so few of us know how to cook and shop, clients aren’t always able to put these recommendations into practice,” Larson says, “That is why I elected to offer cooking lessons as well as grocery store tours. For the tours, we go to the grocery store, look at how to pick out fresh produce, how to read food packaging, what are good pantry staples and what terms on a food label have no meaning.”


One of the most unique services Larson offers is called BrideBod, which is a collection of all Larson’s services “geared to help brides cultivate their marriage on a foundation of health and wellness.” Some of the classes Larson includes in BrideBod are nutrition coaching, cooking lessons, a grocery store tour, and a gift registry review.


With the growth of her food blog and her involvement in the upcoming event, A Bride Mafia’s Afterhours show at Music Hall on November 20 from 6 to 9 p.m., Larson is both excited and hopeful for the future of her blossoming business.


“I will continue to write but also to develop my client base in Ohio. I also will be working with dietetic interns, giving them the opportunity to gain experience in a non-traditional role,” Larson says.


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